How does Buzzoole work for influencers? 

Are you an influencer who is wondering how Buzzoole works as you want to make the most out of THE influencer marketing platform? Here you’ll find a clear and short map to help you move through our platform and access the amazing world of influencer marketing. In this blogpost we will go through the following steps:

  • Analyzing your influence and social media activity
  • Participating in campaigns
  • the Referral Program

how does Buzzoole work

1. First step: Analyze your influence and social media activity!

Buzzoole is the perfect tool for any social media and blog addict who wants to improve his/her online presence  and to make the most out of his/her passions. If these are your goals, Buzzoole would perfectly suit you.

You can access Buzzoole by logging in via your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you’re in, it will take up to 2 days for our algorithm to analyze your social media account according to the amount of content that you have posted. Once the analysis is done, you’ll receive an email which will inform you that starting from that moment you can consider yourself part of the Buzzoole community. You’ll access your personal dashboard where you’ll see your polygon – which tells you what topics you are influential in and how -, your overall reach, and from there you can add other social media channels, Facebook pages you’re administrator of, or blogs. Here you have a screenshot from our CTO’s Buzzoole profile as an example.

gennaro varriale

On the right, within the image, you have your magic polygon. This is a graphic representation of what our algorithm has found out regarding your online activity. Each point of it displays one of eight primary topics. You’ll have a more in-depth analysis regarding further topics when you’ll select “View details” scrolling down the page of your personal dashboard. Little tip: by the time goes by, do keep an eye on your polygon and check whether the influence value has changed regarding each topic, so as to detect your improvements from here.

  • Check your social media analytics

By clicking on “View Details” you’ll have an overview of your last three months activities.


You’ll see your top content, which you can share again on Facebook or Twitter directly from within the platform. In addition, as previously anticipated, you’ll have a list of the topics you’ve talked about the most, and a list of what you’re most influential in. You’ll see that often these concepts don’t overlap. This is a further insight on what actions you should take to achieve the level of influence that you want in the topic that you prefer.

2. Second step: Participate in campaigns!

Through the Buzzoole’s platform you can participate in campaigns organized by brands. You’ll be asked to create content (posts, tweets, blogposts, photos, videos etc) on selected products, services or events. How would you earn by doing this with Buzzoole?

You can get either Buzzoole credits convertible into Amazon Gift Card, or receive special gifts and discounts from brands. This depends on each campaign.

  • How do I get selected to participate in campaigns?

The invitation is sent when your profile matches the campaign requirements. It’s not arbitrary, nor done manually. It’s our algorithm which identifies the right users according to the type and the topics of influence.

Little tip: do add every social media account that you have such as Instagram, Google + or any Facebook pages you are administrator of. Indeed this will increase the value of your reach within Buzzoole, and you’ll get more chances to be invited by brands to participate.

  • When I am invited to campaigns, what am I supposed to do?

Once you’ve been invited, you can decide to or not to join the campaign. You’ll have the chance to read a brief in order to understand what actions you’re asked to take. Writing a blogpost, taking a picture, live-tweeting during a specific event, brands can ask you to free your creativity in different ways, and you’ll have of course a margin of freedom, BUT remember to read the campaign brief carefully so as not to forget anything.

How many posts? How many pictures? What’s the deadline?.. don’t start stressing out about this now. Everything’s written in the brief and we’ll keep you posted along the campaign. You’ll always be aware of how far you are with completing your tasks.

Still some doubts? Do have a look at our most frequent asked questions (FAQs) section.

3. the Referral Program

There are many other ways which make you earn credits. One of these is inviting your friends to join Buzzoole.

We believe that anyone enjoying creating content on topics which thrill him/her has the potential to become an amazing influencer. So why not spread the voice among your friends and give them the opportunity to become more popular? You will get 1 credit every time one of your friends matching specific requirements (–> click on “How Does It Work?”) subscribe to Buzzoole.


You will earn 5 extra credits when inviting a minimum of 50 contacts at once from your Gmail account or 10 credits when inviting them all. This option is only available once. referral

But wait, there’s more! You and your friend will gain 20 credits each when she/he will join the first campaign and will have completed the tasks.referral

So don’t miss the chance to join the coolest influencers’ community! Subscribe right now!


Buzzoole is an influencer marketing platform that enables brands to connect directly with key campaign influencers and their audiences. The platform allows brand managers, and their agencies or partners, to identify, involve and integrate influencers into their digital and social communications in a fully automated, transparent and results-driven approach.

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