2017: The Revolutionary Road between Technology & Influencers


Influencer marketing stared every business in the face in 2016. Companies facing a need for better word of mouth outreach, as well as customer scepticism towards traditional communication, saw Influencers as the ideal solution. So what has changed in comparison with the past? The answer is simple, influencer marketing has completely transformed WOM (word of mouth) marketing with its ability to be measured and tracked in every step. That (and more) is why in 2017, influencer marketing is expected to be in every marketer’s toolkit.


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Influencer Marketing Benefits for the Home Decor Industry


Home decor businesses love to piggyback on the busiest time of the year – the festive season.

It’s the time when people, in large numbers, deck out their homes with Christmas ornaments and other decor essentials. Their message to home decor brands?

The earlier you have us spend cash earmarked for festive purchases, the less time we will spend in thinking about getting seasonable decor.

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How Can SaaS Startups Grow With The Help Of Influencers


According to IDC, 27.8 percent of the global enterprise apps market will be SaaS-penetrated by 2018, accounting for $50.8 billion in revenue.

No wonder so many SaaS startups are popping up with the aim to take a slice of the market.

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The Importance of Influencer Marketing in the 2016 American Election


Clinton was the more qualified candidate, therefore if experience and qualifications do not get a person the job of president, what does? The 2016 American election results would argue that it is the best utiliser of social media with Trump appearing top in most influencer tables for the election and top in terms of follower numbers.

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Why is Big Data essential for Influencer Marketing?


Big data, the gold rush of the 21st century.

It’s now woven into every section of the global economy.  Businesses are using it to discover useful patterns and trends that can bring significant improvements in their various strategies.

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Is Influencer Marketing Beneficial For Celebrities?


Celebrity advice is a powerful incentive for consumers to act.

That’s because the former serves as an arbiter of public opinion, style and taste on a global scale.

We’re talking about celebrities ranging from A-listers like George Clooney to reality TV stars, born in shows like Big Brother, The X Factor, etc. Read more ›

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