The Ultimate Guide: How to Become an Influencer

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Have you always been well-liked? Do you have friends, a nice job, a cool haircut? Depending on your lifestyle or the profession you are in, you may very well already have an influence over many people around you and be unaware of it. Or maybe you are aware, but still are asking yourself how you can become an Influencer.

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4 Ways to Engage with Customers Using Social Media


Responding to customers is a tricky task for any business, and in the age of social media it is even harder. With many customer transactions taking place in the public online sphere, handling complaints, queries or comments is a sensitive issue. The success of any business requires adaptability and responding to customer feedback, after all who knows better than your customers what they want? However, the different ways of handling this communication over social media means that some companies get lost in a deluge of comments and complaints. Therefore, we have clarified the different ways you can use social media to connect with your customers and encourage communication.


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Romance on the Road: an interview with the Two Drifters


With WiFi reaching the remotest of regions and wanderlust as infectious a condition as ever, travel blogging is becoming even more of an option for those who wish to travel and earn. With the rise of blogger numbers, the quality of content is unparalleled with stunning locations, skilled photography and informative, entertaining writing. It’s not hard to see why travel blogs and social media profiles are more popular to follow than ever, and one that is growing more popular everyday is the tale of the Two Drifters, Amy and Nathan.

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Scale Your Content Strategy with Influencer Marketing


Most content marketers have tasks assigned to them every week, constant pings about creating more content pieces for the firm’s digital properties and promoting them on social media platforms. However, many constantly put off these tasks due to time and resource constraints.

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Daddy Bloggers: redefining fatherhood


The increase in blogs aimed at men reflects an increased push for conversations surrounding men’s health issues, from Samuel L. Jackson helping with the One For The Boys campaign to raise awareness about men’s cancer to The Huffington Post’s month long Building Modern Men campaign focusing on the pressures surrounding male identity, and awareness of the epidemic of suicide. ‘Daddy bloggers’ are another string to this bow, and a way online communities are being used to encourage conversations with and around men.

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How does Buzzoole Work? The Complete Guide


Maybe you have heard of us already, maybe this is your first time. Either way, if you’re here it’s because you want to know: how does Buzzoole work?

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