Under the Influence: What Generation Z has to say about themselves

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This week, Buzzoole presented the Youth Marketing Summit – the biggest festival of youth marketing in Europe. The event brings together all kinds of people, from top brands to innovative agencies that ‘define pioneering movements within the youth sector’.

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How to Apply Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Your Marketing Strategy


The marketing industry is rapidly evolving. It’s at a new phase where Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are driving strategy development and decision making. Because conventional analytics scale at a gradual pace, marketers are beginning to utilise AI to analyse the large volume of unstructured data to improve marketing research, forecasting accuracy and campaign experiences.


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3 Rules to Get Started with B2B Influencer Marketing

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Whisper it if you need to – B2B content is bland. According to a Sirius Decisions research, 60-70% of it even goes unused due to a variety of factors, from a lack of resources to disorganized structure. In many cases those whitepapers, ebooks, videos and blog posts don’t focus on the needs, concerns and values of the individual customer, which is why B2B content struggles to resonate with target audiences.


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What it’s like to be a Woman Online: our Influencers share their thoughts


Over the next few days we are celebrating International Women’s Day, a day created to celebrate and acknowledge the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and promote equality around the world. There are several different opinions surrounding this day, some of them negative, so we wanted to refocus the emphasis on personal experience and look at one individual’s online experience as a prominent female influencer.  This is an interview with one of our most beloved lifestyle bloggers: Luisa-Christie blogger at www.luisachristie.co.uk.

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Fashion Week and the Oscars: Influencers in the know

Fashion week and the Oscars: Influencers in the know

Fashion and cinema have always chased each other to determine the trends of the moment. The mutual exchange between cinematography and charismatic personalities has generated some of the most unique styles in history: with Audrey Hepburn one cannot help thinking about her little black dress, the oversized sunglasses and the pearl necklace.

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Influencer Marketing & Ad blocking: the Pursuit of Authenticity

Influencer marketing and ad blocking: the pursuit of authenticity

For decades, Brands have implemented the same advertising tactic of showcasing mass appeal communications to a broad audience.

And though the strategies available to engage a target demographic have multiplied over the years, many Brands have yet to take advantage of this great advertising opportunity.


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