4 Influencer Marketing Stats You Should Know

influencer marketing stats

Many more brands have tried out influencer marketing, some others haven’t. As it always happens with innovation, the number of people adopting it increases by the time goes by, of course this only applies to innovations proved to be effective or well-performing. This is the case of influencer marketing, still seen as a brand new bizarre way of advertising online by some digital planners or managers.

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How does Buzzoole work for influencers? 

how does Buzzoole work

Are you an influencer who is wondering how Buzzoole works as you want to make the most out of THE influencer marketing platform? Here you’ll find a clear and short map to help you move through our platform and access the amazing world of influencer marketing. In this blogpost we will go through the following steps:

  • Analyzing your influence and social media activity
  • Participating in campaigns
  • the Referral Program

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Increase eCommerce Sales with Influencer Marketing

increase ecommerce sales

I once asked a friend who runs an eCommerce store to name her biggest business challenges.

From her answers, I saw a pattern:

  • How to increase landing page conversions
  • How to increase social media engagement
  • How to increase brand loyalty

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How influencers are re-shaping the world of food and beverage industry

food and beverage industry

Since the past 6 months or so, I’m constantly seeing food-related tutorials in my social media feeds. Whenever I open Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or another social network, at some point I come across content related to the food and beverage industry, most of it visual.

You’re probably experiencing the rise of food hack videos, too. There is a good reason for that.

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Buzzoole recognized as a disruptive startup by the UK Trade & Investment

disruptive startup

Innovative ideas and technology are the foundation of every new business, but what makes yours a disruptive startup?

We have already shared with you the numbers related to our company growth in the last two years. This time, we want to talk about a very special recognition we have received from the UK Trade & Investment: the Business Development Green Light for the Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP).

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From €0.1M to €1.1M Revenue in Just 1 Year. How Buzzoole Took Influencer Marketing From Good to Great | The company growth

company growth

Growth is one of those things that a lot of startups talk about. Frankly speaking, it’s a buzzword that young firms stress over. Mainly because competition in every industry in so fierce. Every company is trying to be the best and do the impossible. The real challenge of achieving growth is not how to win paying customers but how to create something that makes that happen, naturally. Being different is key to growth. That’s what made our company growth that terrific.

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buzzoole influence engine optimization

Buzzoole is the first influencer marketing platform that connects brands with key influencers and their audiences

buzzoole finder

Looking for a powerful tool to quickly find an influencer in your category? Try our Buzzoole Finder: all the right influencers at the tip of your fingers.

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