Why invest in YouTube campaigns to boost your brand’s visibility

girl filming herself while trying out some new makeup items.

Take a look around – your favourite YouTubers are covering billboards, flyers, magazines and other print materials. It’s happening based on the realisation that influencers can be powerful allies – with millions of engaged audiences and passionate followers who are hungry for content, YouTube influencers are an already-established medium for brands looking to gain traction.

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Influencer Marketing for Live Events

Where does live event promotion flourish best? Social media! Though it’s tempting to separate your online and offline marketing strategies, combining the two is where they thrive. Coverage of events is some of the most engaging of social media content, particularly on platforms like Twitter, but also across the board as long as your content suits the platform.

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The Fenty Launch: Influential Beauty Bloggers


Amid the flurried social media frenzy of Rihanna’s new beauty brand release, we take another look at the beauty industry and the online world of Influencers. Most importantly, how Influencers are shaping the industry more and more.

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Influencer Marketing Strategies for Halloween

Spending for Halloween this year is expected to reach $9.1 billion in America alone, up 8.3% from last year’s record $8.4 billion. It is an event that features heavily on social media, across the topics of food, fashion, beauty, interior design, crafts and lifestyle and more.

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How to Find the Best Influencers

It’s word-of-mouth for the digital age and brands are pouring more money into Influencer Marketing while frantically searching to bring the best Influencers onboard.

Influencer Marketing allows businesses to get their message across a savvy group of consumers, an audience that doesn’t want to be sold to, or have their favourite content interrupted by ads.

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The Power of Visual Content: body positivity on Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words. Never has this seemed more vital a concept in the increasingly visual field of social media. Instagram, the visual-based channel known for stunning images and model-like shots, is a channel that has matured quickly. It is also one that has been lambasted for inauthenticity, from fake followers and likes to overly retouched photos. It is a channel that has raised concerns over mental health among young people, with many citing the perfect, bikini clad bodies and extravagant holiday snaps as the reason for low self-esteem.

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