The Mutual Evolution of Millennials and Food


Last week I had the honour of being among the speakers at the Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit, a global event in the field of Food Innovation which included guest speakers such as President Obama.


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Marketing & Entertainment: when Influencers go beyond the web

two people watching tv on a couch

You turn on BBC One and see the usual glamorous guests on The Graham Norton Show couch. You assume they all must be something in Hollywood or the music industry, however not all of them have a prolific IMDb profile. So how does the crowd know them? Why are they so popular? Finally, a Google search gives you the answer.

They are an Influencer.

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Facebook F8: new perspectives on VR and AR for Influencer Marketing


A few weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the famous F8, the largest global developer conference organised by Facebook. Needless to say, it has been a great honour to have been among the lucky ones to receive an invitation to the event. During the conference I had the opportunity to meet developers from all over the world, as well as to find out the novelties that Mark Zuckerberg’s fervent mind has in store for his users.


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4 Ways Big Data can Transform your Business


Imagine living in a world where the right information reaches you at the right place and the right time. How much of a productivity boost would your company receive? Business owners spend massive amounts of time keeping up with information, which leaves them with little room to focus on building up their companies.

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Falling for the Wrong Influencer: the Pepsi story

woman in a yellow dress fallen from the stairs

The reaction to the latest Pepsi advert is clear: image is not enough. We need a motive behind the visuals. With the rise of a highly politically aware youth engaging in a variety of protest forms in person and online, Pepsi’s ad campaign definitely missed the mark due to not engaging with the reality of this conversation. A generic protest, filled with attractive young people, does not seem like a  common protest experience. It has led to the same question time and again: what are they protesting for in this scene? Pepsi’s marketers seem to have forgotten the real message behind their advert, as well as the demographic this advert is poorly trying to entice. With modern marketing, the mantra is listen and engage. With their latest ad, Pepsi appears to have done neither.


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How has Influencer Marketing impacted the Beauty Industry?

woman with eyeshadows palette

Ever wondered why you can always find several 60-second lip gloss tutorials when browsing the explore page on Instagram? It’s because of the rise of the beauty industry on social media. Between DIY tutorials featuring brands and an increasingly responsive fan base, it’s no wonder that the beauty industry has spiraled to prominence on digital platforms.

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