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One of the major challenges for our trade partners lies in understanding the operation and usefulness of Finder. Precisely for this reason at Buzzoole we think it is essential to show success stories and present them as a case study.

Here is the testimony of one of our recent clients, MailUp, which used our Influencer Search Engine to locate the most expert and influential social users in a given subject. Subsequently, those who carried out the research have answered a few questions reported below:

Dichiarazione di Marco Massara su Buzzoole
Interview excerpt with Marco Massara about Buzzoole

How did you use Finder?

We are using Finder as a preliminary resource which has been useful for looking at our niche market and understanding who is influential in the topic of email marketing and web marketing in general.

Can you identify a specific advantage of using Finder?

Using the Finder has enabled us to take a thorough look at our target market and we believe we have developed a better understanding of the world of viral word of mouth, so as to optimally direct our actions towards the involvement of influencers and the most active users.

What kind of professional relationship do you plan to have with the influencers you identified thanks to Finder?

We like the idea of getting to know the people we interact with online and we appreciate that even “normal” people can monetize their online influence by partnering with us by just writing a review or sharing a service experience online. We enjoy interacting with the influencers we identified thanks to Finder. It’s exciting to follow them as they increase engagement online from our cooperation for the production of an e-book to the creation of live webinars and events.

Would you recommend Finder to agencies and other brands that focus their businesses on social media and digital marketing?

Definitely. Finder is a very useful tool that allows you to identify the users that could possibly be the most appropriate influencers for your brand according to who they are online, what they do and what they already share. I would especially recommend Finder to agencies and brands because of its efficient features.

Funzionamento Finder
Finder Tutorial

Buzzoole and MailUp collaborated on a campaign in which 15 top influencer communications and e-mail marketing experts were involved.  A bonus to participate was offered to spend on the MailUp platform in exchange for drafting an article.

MailUp said it was particularly pleased with the results of the campaign and was among the first brands to try Finder, testing the features of this software with several specific searches.

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