Buzzoole at the 2014 Smau

The Smau is currently being held in Rome, Italy March 19-20. It is only day two and Twitter is abuzz with stories of success, innovation and networking. Just check out the hashtags #Smau and #smauroma2014 to see photos and videos from the fair. Buzzoole again go to be among the many startups at the event and the team is seemed more than happy to be among other creative thinkers and entrepreneurs.

The Smau continues to be a point of access and digital solution for both innovative founders and public administration businesses. The platform is ideal for examining the benefits of up and coming technologies. A place to find the real innovation that comes from small realities and original spin offs (“startups area”) or research centers, private and public labs and organizations that support innovation (“innovation accelerator area”).


The trade fair consists of highlight speakers, formative workshops and business workshops. It allows visitors to explore the latest innovations and experience the benefits of new information and communications technologies first-hand. International exhibitors present market trends and discuss future scenarios.

This year’s Smau catered to many startups. When CEO of Buzzoole, Fabrizio Perrone was asked about this he seemed pleased and answered “There is more attention on the subject of startups and more people seem to understand the meaning and value of influence”.  Buzzoole attended last year’s Smau event as well as a growing startup. “We have grown a lot since last year”, said Perrone, “the concept of social influence through companies makes more sense to our public now and they come to us for an effective campaign”.

Along with representing the many features of the innovative software that is, Buzzoole presented its newest product, Finder at this year’s Smau. The tool is an influencer search engine that is able to search for influencers by topic among 2 billion online users.


Finder’s unique algorithm allows you to see a report of the most influential online users in whatever topic you prefer (filmmakers, social media bloggers, social business) and link to their various social networks to begin engaging with them. It provides those who want to create a buzz-marketing campaign the ideal starting point to trigger a viral word-of-mouth.


The event, which is taking place at the New Fair of Rome, is hosting the annual event ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) of the Digital Agenda and Smart Cities. It provides a rich calendar of conferences and workshops, in care of the most prestigious Italian schools of management training and awards in various fields (Smart City, Startup, Mobile App).

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