How to set up your first influencer marketing campaign with Buzzoole [INFOGRAPHIC]

influencer marketing campaign

You’ve heard about influencer marketing, you gave it a shot and subscribed to Buzzoole but ended up with a few questions…

How do I create a campaign? How do I create a profitable, cost-effective and scalable one, as an expert, without wasting money?

We are here to save you! You can have a look at our easy infographic to help you along the process, and read this blogpost for more tips on the matter.

These are the points we’ll go through…

  • marketing strategy
  • what type of influencers you should involve
  • writing the brief
  • monitoring your performance and analyzing your report

Let’s proceed step by step. After signing up as a brand (for free!) you will access your personal dashboard.

In future you will find all the campaigns you have run with us, ongoing and closed ones, in this dashboard. If you’re an agency, you’ll have an overview of all the campaigns you managed for your clients, along with their reports, here.

Once you’ve landed in your personal dashboard, you can select to create your campaign, then the game can start.

Marketing strategy

At this point you might be asking yourself: what kind of campaign should I go for? What is the budget I want to allocate to meet my needs? How can I add this specific campaign to my marketing mix?

Buzzoole can provide you with 4 options:

create a campaign

Before going for Live Tweeting or Social PR, you should ask yourself: what’s my main goal? What do I want to achieve? To get nice reviews when launching a new product? To have your event hashtag spread as widely as possible and show up in Twitter trend topics? To generate more traffic to a specific page of my website?

This image might help you clear up your ideas. It’s a list of the range of possibilities you would have by choosing influencer marketing for your product or service.

influencer marketing

If your goals can be expressed in numbers, like “I want to boost awareness by 30%” or “I need to increase traffic to this specific URL by 20%” it’s even better: once you’ve started creating your campaign and filling the form with all your requirements, budget and preferences on the type of influencers to involve, you will have a real-time forecast of your campaign performance. This estimation (reach, impressions, ROI etc) is expressed in numbers and will help you set up SMART objectives (s=specific m=measurable a=attainable r=relevant t=time-based). You can then refine your campaign so as to be 90% sure you’re going to hit the goal you have in mind.

Which influencers should you involve?

There are different kind of influencers you might involve. As stated previously, Buzzoole assigns specific values to each influencer according to their reach, resonance, relevance and social graph. Here you have a list of short definitions, including some of the most important values in order to go through our vocabulary with no misunderstandings to better get what Buzzoole’s process is.

Reach: the number of users connected with the influencer

Resonance: the amplification of the reach empowered by interactions

Relevance: the quality of interactions

Social Graph: the user’s network

As you can see, measuring influence at Buzzoole doesn’t coincide with detecting popularity. Influence for us is a completely different matter. It’s not about reach, but more of authority and relevance. Moreover, we distinguish 3 levels of influence, and these are the choices you’ll have to pick up between when choosing whom to involve:

Novice: influencers with an audience of less than 4000 contacts;

Social addict: influencers with an audience ranging between 4000 and 7000 contacts;

Top: influencers with an audience of more than 7000 contacts.

This classification takes into account both quantitative and qualitative aspects like potential media exposure which influencers achieve through their posts (quantitative) or the quality of the engagement they are capable to produce (qualitative).

What type of influencer suits my case?

It strictly depends on your strategy, on whether you seek for wider engagement coming from TOP influencers (having wider reach), or you aim at a niche- focused, highly qualitative interaction through our Addicts.

Writing the right brief for a successful influencer marketing campaign

Brands often forget that brief is not equal to press release. The brief is you speaking to influencers, so your ultimate goal is to have them do their best. How to achieve that? First of all, your brief must be very clear. You will introduce your brand in few lines, what you would like influencers to do (as well as what you don’t want them to do), and you will inspire their creativity in a way which is profitable for you. Be clear regarding what you expect from them. Specify time, social media channel and deadline for all their actions. Provide them with the URL you want their traffic to go to (if that’s your goal), or with any marketing material you want them to share or comment on (photos, videos etc). Do not hesitate to present them with some examples of the type of content you wish them to create.

Even great artists take inspiration from others’ masterpieces, and this will help you point out what your expectations are. The clearer, the better!

You might want to consider getting them to interact with your official social media account: don’t forget to tell them!

If you’re not feeling at ease yet and you’d rather be assisted when creating your first influencer markting campaign with us, get in touch with us at or via LiveChat! 🙂

Monitor your campaign performance

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to running influencer marketing campaigns is to let them take their course, without taking any extra actions along the way to empower them. While the campaign is running, you can check on your dashboard what content Buzzoole influencers are posting for you. You can then interact with them, or even better, you can take further actions in order to amplify their reach, and – consequently – your online activities, like re-posting and making up new ideas on the way in order to make the most out of them.

The best thing to do in order to make the most out of influencer marketing is to integrate this action into a more complex and multi-channel frame. Have a look at some of our case studies or interviews to make up your mind and be inspired. You can also see how much you’re spending and compare the results.

Performance Report

You now know you can monitor the trend of your paid campaign performance along the way. Besides that, you’ll have access to a final report which will give you insights on the overall outcome, both paid and viral. This report will be accessible starting from 2 weeks after your campaign is over. The outcome is split into PAID and VIRAL. You’ll have a classification of the top users, the most engaging contents, reach, engagement, social media channels and so on. You’ll have a clear view of what you paid for, and what went viral, as a riddle effect. And if you’ll have to present your monthly report to your manager, no worries: you will receive an in-depth report including ROI!

influencer marketing


Buzzoole is an influencer marketing platform that enables brands to connect directly with key campaign influencers and their audiences. The platform allows brand managers, and their agencies or partners, to identify, involve and integrate influencers into their digital and social communications in a fully automated, transparent and results-driven approach.

Claudia is Content Strategist at Buzzoole. Branding and advertising passionate, she's part of the Marketing team IT&UK. Get in touch with her at @ClaudiaSpaziano.

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