Web Summit 2013 was a Success!

Buzzoole had the honor of attending one of the largest Web Summits at the end of October, held in Dublin Ireland. The Web Summit welcomed 9834 attendees from 97 countries around the world according to the innovation promoting site, United Ventures.

Web Summit World


Italy was well represented with startups that joined Buzzoole such as Moneyfarm and Appsbuilder. This was a platform to show Italy’s creativity and ability to stand with the rest of the world as entrepreneurs and gain a spot on the map of the world’s tech startups. Buzzoole had fans from the start, opening up conversation to young and old about our mission to connect individuals as brand ambassadors to companies and give businesses the opportunity to create their own buzz marketing campaigns.

This web summit was a large scale pitch to the tech world to show all that we have worked for, all we offer and the commitment we have to our product and brand.

Buzzoole CEO, Fabrizio Perrone commented on the company’s experience at the Web Summit. “E’ stata un esperienza fantastica, abbiamo avuto modo di entrare in contatto con l’ecosistema mondiale delle startup e di incontrare possibili partner, oltre che investitori. l’evento è stato bellissimo, vedere 10000 persone da ogni parte del mondo mondo legate al tema innovazione è stato emozionante”. “It was a fantastic experience, it gave us the chance to come into contact with the world ecosystem of international startups and to meet possible partners and investors. The event was beautiful, seeing 10,000 people from every part of the world tied to the theme of innovation was truly touching”.

Buzzoole will continue to work hard to gain success and clients and to produce and offer a productive and efficient way to maximize the value of word of mouth and online marketing

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