Buzzoole report from Smau 13

This year as well during Smau’s 50th edition it confirmed a point of access and digital solution for both innovative founders and public administration businesses. The platform is ideal for examining the benefits of up and coming technologies.

It was a full 3 days of excitement for Buzzoole who was at the Smau in Milano! Fairs are always a great place to meet interesting new people and to introduce the public to the project that we work on day in and day out.

No matter the age people are always very impressed with our company’s platform. Eveyone has asked,”How are you able to measure the influence in a specific field? How can you tell which number it cooresponds with? What is in it for me if as an influencer, how can I benefit?”foto SMAU TEAM

We were able to explain so much and answer many questions regarding our work. We were happy to meet so many new people who were curious about Buzzoole, wanted to learn more and were actually happy to meet us as well!

During the fair, Buzzoole performed a fun game of influencing the movement of objects with the force of one’s mind. Of course the team of kids couldn’t wait to try first. In the photos you see in fact we wanted to show you what we were able to see with our own eyes. Kids, teens and adults all becoming part of this game, and the teens who wanted to take selfies with the gadget we used to measure influence. It wasn’t a surprise that Buzzoole this time around came prepared and thought of it all. Remember, your influence is more then a number!

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