Buzzoole wins the Startup Focus Program

Buzzoole steps up to the podium of the start up focus program. SAP and PoliHub have chosen us as one of the most innovative startup in the world of Big Data, Real Time and Predictive Analysis.

Buzzoole win Start up focus program

“It is a project of value, realized by a promising startup, in which the capacity of innovation marries itself with the potential market” affirms Stefano Mainetti, managing director of PoliHub.

Our project was selected for its originality and the potential of the business model in the analysis of the network data. Thanks to this win we have the chance to be hosted for 6 months in the PoliHub and be part of the program of entrepreneurial empowerment of MIP – Politecnico di Milano. We may also have free access to the SAP TechEd 2013, the most important technology training event. Along with 21 other selected Startup Focus Program project, we will not only have access to the technology, skills and partnership of SAP, but also to the international community of experts on the SAP HANA platform. SAP supported us in pursuing the development of our business idea and gave us an opportunity to grow and compete with other large organizations!

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