Twitter’s influence on holiday Shopping

The end of October is nearing and retail corporations everywhere are preparing for the holiday season, which in the eyes of the corporate world begins November 1. The minute Halloween is over walk into any store and holiday music will be playing on the speakers and the place will be glittering with Christmas cheer, just a reminder to get your gift shopping done early.

Whether you plan ahead or you’re a last-minute shopper, one thing is certain, the place people are shopping more and more often is the internet. Social Media isn’t just helping with deciding what to buy, but it’s putting the ideas in people’s minds of what’s trending and where to buy the best products.

Twitter has become the sounding board for people to bounce ideas off one another and the retail companies have taken notice. Everyone wants a chunk of the of the social media universe, especially with the holidays nearing.

twitter shopping influence twitter shopping influence twitter shopping influence

According to a recent search of “holiday shopping” on – twiXplorer– #shopping and #holiday are among the top hashtags among the 436 tweets that discuss the upcoming holiday season and October isn’t even over.

Jonathan Stringfield writes in his twitter“blog” that shopping buzz peaks on twitter around key holiday times and explains it as follows.


twitter shopping influence

The study conducted by NM Incite concluded that Black Friday, the largest shopping day after Thanksgiving, made up 79% of buzz relating to holiday shopping activity in 2010. Both of these show how influential social media is on both the consumers and the retailers.

Let’s face it, Twitter gives us all a quicker and easier way to find what we need and where we can get it. It’s a useful tool and benefits both parties. So when you’re making your list and checking it twice, be sure to log on to Twitter and share your shopping advice with friends.


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