We asked Top Mommy Bloggers their reasons to blog. Their answers were jaw-dropping.

As an influencer marketing platform, at Buzzoole we love engaging with our users, raising questions and listening to the very essence of all influencers: their opinion. This time we reached out our Top Mommy Bloggers.

As Mother’s Day was approaching, we realized that it must take some serious prowess to spend your day taking care of your own child, and on top of that, nurturing an online community that apparently won’t fall asleep until you feed them with your tips and tweets.

So we took the chance to hear out the many mommy bloggers who are registered to Buzzoole and we asked each and every one of them: What makes you blog? What is your reason to be at the same time a mum and a blogger? They certainly didn’t shy away from answering, and in a matter of hours, we’ve found our mail box brimming with statements. On Mother’s Day we posted many of their answers on our Twitter and Facebook account and now we want to share with you even more.


Some where very practical and straight on point, like @mom_meee: Being a mum doesn’t come with instructions, so sharing among us is the best way to support each other.

Sharing and empowering are the keywords in most of the answers we received. We learnt many women took their revenge on life unfairness thanks to blogging.

@SalvadanaiodiSM confided to us: I’m 40 and I was told I was too old to work regardless of my family and my professional experience and @stitchblade: I am disabled.  My body is ravaged by a disease that keeps me from being able to work outside the home.


These mommy bloggers definitely gave us food for thoughts. Whether you want to discover your inner creativity, overcome obstacles or learn by sharing, blogging is a way to impact your life as well as influencing is a way to impact others.


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