5 tips for SEO best practices

If you want your website to have success, social influence and gain followers, basic search engine optimization (SEO) is essential and necessary. This will secure that people will find your site when in need and it will position your site to be able to be found in the most critical points. Search Engine Watch asked: What is SEO, Exactly? The goal of foundational SEO isn’t to cheat or “game” the search engines. The purpose of SEO is to:

  • Create a great, seamless user experience.
  • Communicate to the search engines your intentions so they can recommend your website for relevant searches.


Here are 5 tips to help you customize and optimize your website’s visibility through SEO: 1. Choose strong keywords: the phrase(s) and words your prospective clients/users would use to search for you not knowing your company name in advance. Use a keyword tool to help you. Keyword example: “candy shop in Napoli” or “passive search engine”. Be sure to lace your keyword in your home page title and include it in your homepage description. 2. Create a Google Analytics account and place their tracking code on every page of your website. This is very easy to do in WordPress and most Content Management Systems (CMS).


3. Use email addresses from your domain (Emily.whitehead@buzzoole.com) for all your business communications instead of using a web mail service like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Why promote their domain when you can promote yours? 4. Enable “Pretty Permalinks”. If you are using a Content Management System (CMS) Pretty Permalinks include keywords in your webpages URLs, very important for SEO. 5. Test your home page load speed and optimize it to load quickly. There is a penalty for slow loading sites. blog.seo3 Photo credit: Search Engine Watch Always follow best practices for SEO and keep it in mind when making changes to your site. Create interesting text content and rich non-text content such as videos and vivid photos. Connect all your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. and keep your keywords in mind when using all accounts.



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