5 best practices to optimize LinkedIn

While most of us are pretty well versed in social media practices on Facebook, Twitter etc. we tend to get a little lost when it comes to LinkedIn practices. It’s harder to use satire and humor on a network you use to network and job search. There is a happy medium though and the following gives some hints and tips on how to go about walking the fine line between professionalism and personalism.
Check out these tips and tricks for the best professional network, Linkedin…
1. Use a professional headshot
This isn’t Facebook or Instagram where you’re trying to show your prettiest side and best swag. CEOs and HR execs will end checking out your profile for future job openings and if first impressions are everything then this photo is that much more important. You want the photo to look like you, no weird new hairdo Also, smilea md crop the photo just after the shoulders.
2. Complete your entire profile
Do you want companies it think your lazy or inefficient? If neither, take the time to fill out everything on the entire profile. A complete profile is like a complete resume. Stick with it.
3. Ask for referrals through LinkedIn
One of the best ways to get good attention in business and in the Linkedin world is by good referrals. Ask the right contacts for the referrals and recommend others to be referred to return the favor.
4. Follow your customers and prospects
Using the LinkedIn company accounts feature, post your own company information, but also follow other companies. LinkedIn ties you into news feeds and it helps you meet the right people to offer a better experience.
5. Use LinkedIn to follow up after other communications
According to Ken Krogue who gave tips for LinkedIn on Forbes.com, don’t make the mistake of trying to connect with lots people you don’t know. LinkedIn will warn you, and then shut you down if too many people don’t respond to your connection request. Whenever you receive an email, business card, or leave a voicemail; put a “PS” that you are going to also connect by LinkedIn right at the end. Then people make the connection as someone they know and approve your connection request.
Whether new to the scene or a seasoned user you should opt into the many benefits LinkedIn offers it’s job seekers and finders. This network connects you to the highest and brightest from around the world if you use it to its full potential. Stay connected, be interactive and don’t be afraid to reach out for advice or inquiries. There’s never been a better way to learn from the best in your field and maybe even land that dream job.


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