Influencer and content marketing go hand in hand

According to Tapinfluence, “through influencer marketing, content reaches the eyes, minds and hearts of a brand’s potential customers, by harnessing the creative talents of content publishers who make up the most powerful distribution channel online. INFLUENCERS”

As bloggers and other online influencers become more aware of their ability to spread the word they’re accepting offers form companies to post sponsored content. There are some critics who say sponsored content takes away from the credibility and supporters who say that this allows followers to get a good idea of products from an online persona that they already trust and like.


In 2013, for the first time ever, sponsored/branded content surpassed advertising networks as the number one way in which revenue is generated in blogging.

Source: ZigMarketing – creates real conversations between those who have bought and those who may buy to generate brand consideration and purchase intent.

Many companies use GroupHigh or BlogDash to find influential bloggers that are adapt for their specific purpose/theme/business model. Businesses are beginning to consider influencers to be professionals who expect to receive something of value in exchange for their writing/work like most full-time employees. Businesses have to make sure their exchange for the influential piece is equally valuable to them as the piece is for the brand. Fashion bloggers could get a pass to a fashion show, while a travel blogger could get tickets to a unique experience in a location they wanted to visit.



Today influencer marketing goes hand in hand with content marketing and is becoming more valuable for advertisers around the world. With apps that find the appropriate bloggers for each enterprise it is easier and cheaper today to reach out to top bloggers say rather then top PR agencies. Because of the change in market, content is being spread by word of mouth and advertisers processes are becoming more transparent and therefore more trustworthy and credible.

The more we support this kind of marketing, the better services we’ll receive.


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