Influencers choose Bitstrips as influence channel

It might seem like we’ve waken up and the entire world is all of the sudden in cartoon version, but really it’s just the viral wave of Bitstrips. The new cartoon avatar site went viral when people started using the avatars to describe their every doings. Now it seems like it’s being used for more than just the average newsflash.


Bitstrips was created in 2007 by Shahan Panth and Jacob Blackstock in an attempt to create a comic-strip version of YouTube. It remained a novelty service confined to customizing comics within Web browsers until Oct., when the company released a mobile application for iPhones, iPads and devices running on Android software.

Blog.Bitstrips3According to the Associated Press, 30 million people in 90 countries have turned themselves into comic-book characters on Bitstrips mobile applications. Google, which tracks people’s interests through its widely used search engine, rated Bitstrips as the trendiest app of 2013.

Founder, Blackstock, described it as a new medium for self-expression and it is in fact serving as just that. Online influencers use it for everything that they also use blogs for. They use credible information or opinions and give it a comedic twist with the help of Bitstrips.

Along with providing us with a fun way of expression, they’ve infiltrated other outlets and now have a software available to schools. Bitstrips for schools goes back to the roots of what kids loved before the digital age and aims to teach students through its comics. Teachers can choose a subject, age group and lesson plan along with other options, and create comics that kids want to be a part of and in turn, want to learn from.


So how exactly do you create a Bitstrip? It doesn’t take long to become an expert.

-First, download the app to your mobile device or access the app on Facebook.

On Facebook:



On iOS:

-That’s when the fun part starts. You can then create your personal avatar based on your appearance with customizable everything, right down to pupil size. Then you can sort through different scenarios and choose from pre-made scenes and jokes to insert your avatar into.

-You can also create avatars for friends who haven’t already signed up for Bitstrips, or include those who already have to play along in your cartoon.


-After casting the cartoon and choosing the setting you can edit the script and create dialogue.

Shape your cartoon by adding your personal touch of funny and share on your various social media channels with friends. Friends will most likely reply and in no time you’ll be living life through your avatar and jumping from scene to scene within Bitstrips. Living vicariously through the animated you.

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