Top 5 reasons Snapchat rules

When you talk about Snapchat minds tend to go in the gutter, but regardless of how this Los Angeles based app started, it’s currently valued at $800 million and getting the last laugh.

While high schoolers were the ones who started launching the photo app Snapchat into the homes of many American families, it caught on quickly with all age groups. Today it is even popular among Wall Street workers.

So why is this app the best thing since sliced bread? Check out these 5 reasons:

1. First it was texts, then words were shortened, now you don’t even need words!

Teens are finding quicker ways to communicate and Snapchat’s vanishing photos platform is perfect for their needs. A quick photo, a little doodle and send. Something they can get away with at school, and thanks to Wi-Fi at home too.


2. Snapchat works on Wi-Fi and on devices such as iTouch

Snapchat became popular among teens, because even kids without a phone could use the app on their iTouch using Wi-Fi. This is a big plus because it doesn’t use of people’s data plans.


3. The new photography channel for corporate life

It’s blowing up on Wall Street too and no wonder, a banker’s reputation can get ruined with one drunken photo. So junior and senior bankers alike seem to use this app to share their work hard play hard lifestyle.


4. It isn’t a memory hog

Because the pictures delete after you see them on your device, you will have the same amount of memory as before the picture was on the device.


5. Creates creativity

While it may seem like just photos, the simple editing tool where you can type and draw on said pictures seems to ignite all sorts of ideas from users. From drawing other characters in the photos with them to creating an under-the-sea effect it seems like this cool app is actually bringing us back to the simple coloring books we loved so much as kids.

Can’t wait to get this simply awesome app? Check out this video tutorial happy Snapchatting!

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