Buzzoole attends today’s Italian Venture Forum in Torino

The 2013 ITVF is hosting about 50 promising SME’s from the ICT, CleanTech and Life Science sector that will present their companies in front of a mixed audience of investors, industry experts and academics. Buzzoole is honored to be among the startups that will present.


November 20, for the 9th consecutive year, the “European Venture Contest (EVC)” will uncover in 2013 the most qualified technology entrepreneurs seeking international venture capital.

This is a great opportunity in helping Buzzoole to grow, show investors what we’re capable of and to learn from some of the other startups with innovative platforms.

Italy is gaining credibility as a country that supports innovative technology and the presence of technology hubs is growing within the country., is hosting the ITVF, was founded in 1998 and provides critical business resources to innovative technology entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and researchers, allowing them to successfully build and maintain a healthy economy.

buzzoole wins
Buzzoole wins!

We’re excited to see Buzzoole among the 2013 winners for best presentation. We also won entrance to the Dusseldorf European Venture Summit. Stay tuned to see how we do!



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