How does Buzzoole Work? The Complete Guide

Maybe you have heard of us already, maybe this is your first time. Either way, if you’re here it’s because you want to know: how does Buzzoole work?

First things first, Buzzoole is an Influencer Marketing platform. So what does that mean? An Influencer Marketing platform is an online platform or website that allows Brands to connect with Influencers or Content Creators to create Influencer Marketing campaigns, also referred to as Buzz Marketing.

OK, but what and who are these Influencers?

Influencers, or Content Creators, are people like me and you who have a passion or specialisation in a given area and share it frequently on their social media channels or blogs. By doing so, they create a community of people interested in the same topic area who exchange ideas, opinions, and advice. Gaining popularity and trust among their audience, they can influence conversations and choices online, and now are being called to do so.

An Influencer Marketing campaign is a campaign where a Brand, or generally an advertiser (such as an advertising agency), involves Influencers in promoting a product, service or event.

So far so simple. Now that we have laid the groundwork for understanding the key concepts of Influencer Marketing, let’s see in detail how Buzzoole works.

Buzzoole for Content Creators

Buzzoole for Brands

Buzzoole for Content Creators

  1. Analyse your Influence

Do you love blogging about your passion? Do you have lots of people following you on Facebook? Are you addicted to Instagram? Then you may want to turn your passion into a profitable business and get in touch with famous brands. But to do so, you first need to know if you really are influential and in what area. Buzzoole is the tool that lets you analyse your influence simply by linking your social media profiles and blogs. With a fully automated system, the platform can analyse your online performance in detail, so that you can have all the key metrics of your channels such as your reach, engagement, favourite brands, data on your audience, performance of each channel and much more, in one place. This post tells you everything you need to know on your personal Dashboard. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Influence Overview. Check your general performance right now.
  • Loved Brands. This is where you can see which Brands you mention more often on your channels and find out which campaigns you are most likely to be contacted for.
  • Audience Analytics. This area shows the details of your audience: age, interest, geographical origin.
  • Channel performance. This provides detailed information about your channels over time.
  • Most Engaging Content. Plus, you’ll be able to see the most popular content generated by you.
Influence Chart
Loved Brands and Sub-topics

With all this information, not only you have a clear picture of the status of your profiles, but you can also understand which are your strengths and weaknesses and set up more effective content plans.

  1. Create Your Own Community

By using the Network section, you can look up other registered users and your major competitors to analyse their statistics and find out which topics they are most influential in and what they are talking about on their social media channels. Moreover, you can expand your Influencer community in Buzzoole by adding new users to your network.

  1. Get Credits and Badges

By publishing quality content and engaging your community as much as possible, you’ll have the chance of being selected to join Buzzoole campaigns. In return, you’ll get Buzzoole credits that can be converted to gift cards. You will also get the chance to take part in extra activities, such as exclusive events, or be involved in our editorial activities. Plus, the best Content Creators will be offered the chance to become Verified Users and therefore join exclusive campaigns and the option to be paid in cash as well as Buzzoole credits.

Also, if you can prove how influential you are, you can get badges to showcase on your profile in order to increase your trustworthiness before other users and Brands.

  1. Join the Referral Programme

By inviting your friends to join Buzzoole, you will earn extra credits that will increase if they participate in campaigns.


Buzzoole for Brands

Are you a company that wants to promote a new product? Are you an agency or a media centre that wants more options for customers? Buzzoole can help you reach a highly profiled audience through great quality word-of-mouth. How? By using our artificial intelligence system. We can identify the Content Creators with the highest affinity with your Brand in order to engage its community, increase your visibility, and generate effective and measurable campaigns.

Self-Service Campaigns

Through our self-service platform you can create campaigns yourself, set your goals and budget, and track your results. Depending on your marketing goals and available budget, you can create customised campaigns on your channels of choice and involve the Content Creators closer to your Brand.

Consultancy Campaigns

Buzzoole provides an end-to-end service where we deal with everything. Our team helps you choose the best campaign based on your goals, taking care of every detail, from setup and campaign delivery to analysing the final results.

Measurement and Reports

Our platform provides a full set of data and reports to measure the effectiveness of your Influencer Marketing campaign. In your report you’ll find:

Campaign Overview. Number of Content Creators involved, published posts and interactions.

Campaign progress. A chart will show you how the campaign went and you can filter the type of interaction and channel.

Sentiment. With this feature, you can check for yourself the sentiment generated by your campaign.

Best Content Creators and best posts. The report contains an overview of the Content Creators and the content with the best performance during the campaign.

This is just some of the information contained in the campaign reports. We are always working to obtain more detailed reports and allow you to monitor the progress of your campaign with a fully transparent approach.

campaign report screenshot
Example of a Campaign Report

What Can Buzzoole Do For Your Brand?

Buzzoole’s automated platform provides you with various benefits, such as:

  • generate online reviews of your product, service or event
  • create social engagement and awareness
  • reach out to new potential consumers
  • promote storytelling around your Brand
  • increase your SEO authority

Using great quality word-of-mouth is essential to help promote your Brand and generate spontaneous interactions with a highly targeted audience. It is a well-known fact that most online users trust recommendations from friends and people they feel close to more than traditional advertisements. So, maybe it’s time you started your first Influencer Marketing campaign.


Buzzoole’s beating heart lies in our proprietary technology that enables us to accurately identify Influencers in line with a Brand and invite them to campaigns relevant to their interests. GAIIA, our Artificial Intelligence technology, thanks to Natural Language Understanding and image recognition, analyses the content of registered users and their online activities to identify the topics where they are more influential and therefore the highest affinity with your brand.

If you have any other questions about how Buzzoole works, you can request a live demo or get in touch directly with us via our live chat.



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