Buzzoole finds its way in the maze of businesses and innovation at #bigdatapolimi

Buzzoole attended yesterday’s greatest gathering of “geeks” otherwise known as today’s best and smartest business people, at the Politecnico di Milano for the roundtable discussion organized by Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence.


The conference was divided into two parts: the presentation of the results of the research followed by the Round Table, to be attended by the representatives of some of the major companies that offer services and solutions in the field of Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence and presentation of case studies of user companies that have adopted such solutions.

Buzzoole was honored to be among some of the companies at the roundtable for innovation and startups in Italy. The companies that spoke along with us included – Osservatorio Startup Digitali, Cubeyou, Decisyon and Altilia Group.


The research that is happening at and for this project, in the first year of operation, has the following objectives:

  • monitor the status of disseminating solutions to Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence;
  • census of success stories;
  • identify the benefits and analyze the barriers to adoption of these tools;
  • understand the role of startups in this area;
  • analyze the impacts of BDA & BI solutions organization of the ICT Department;
  • analyze the different sectors and the increase of competitiveness, profit, durability and efficiency of decision-making;
  • evaluate the decision-making processes in the different sectors that can benefit more from the use of applications of Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence;
  • investigate applications of Social Media Analytics and Social Listening

As they say, two brains are better than one and this workshop figured the more, the merrier. With so much knowledge and experience in the room there are bound to be good things to come from a day filled with innovators like yesterday.

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