Influencer Marketing Benefits for the Home Decor Industry

Home decor businesses love to piggyback on the busiest time of the year – the festive season.

It’s the time when people, in large numbers, deck out their homes with Christmas ornaments and other decor essentials. Their message to home decor brands?

The earlier you have us spend cash earmarked for festive purchases, the less time we will spend in thinking about getting seasonable decor.

The perspective? Opportunity knocks for all home decor companies, especially those who are selling holiday-themed decor items.

According to the market research report on “The Retail Market for Seasonable Decorations” by IBISWorld, the market for seasonable decorations grew by 2.4% in the last 5 years.

With the holiday season being the home decor industry’s springboard for growth, businesses in this industry can use a multitude of marketing tactics to capture the attention of the indecisive decorator.

Marketing tactics such as paid promotions via PPC and social media and location-based mobile ads. These strategies are the prime focus of home decor retailers during the holidays.

They focus on ends like this so much that they forget something called “influencer marketing” also exists.

Why should they care about influencer marketing? Because, it has a plethora of benefits for home decor brands, particularly for the ones who are new in the industry and want to gain recognition.

Influencer Marketing Is Beneficial For Home Decor Companies

Home decor Influencers engage with their spectators by giving step-by-step home decor tips as well as recommending items for different occasions, such as string lights and path & yard sticks for Christmas.

The number of shows based on home decor are a good indicator of how much people love tips and tricks that teach them about home makeovers and holiday home enhancements. That’s why individuals who host such shows can become big names in a short span of time. An example is Sarah Richardson; she has a wide audience who are keen to listen to her home decor advice.

Following the trend, home decor Influencers outside the celebrity industry have taken advantage of this interest by connecting with their audiences through furnishing and home decor tutorials. The content they target ranges from roundups of festive objects to remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, etc. They reach viewers via their own websites as well as social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. Home decor is a popular category on these platforms.

Here’s an example:


The Instagrammer is an Influencer for IKEA. She has demonstrated how she used the company’s Vinter tree topper for holiday decor. Her followers will be influenced by her illustration of what can be done with this item far more than they would be by a tutorial published by IKEA itself. Several other Influencers also did the same and included the hashtag #ikeaholidays in their content.

IKEA is benefitting in a variety of ways:

  • Personalisation: The personal touch of the Influencer makes the content seems more genuine. Because followers are closer to the Influencer than the brand, they’re more likely to take action on a DIY tutorial or advice.
  • Brand Introduction: Amongst those who follow home decor, not everyone is familiar with IKEA. Brand introductions such as in the example above work in the company’s favor because it’s being associated with easy to order items. Once the customer becomes familiar with the company and its promise of quality, they’ll be more comfortable with bigger purchases.
  • Content Diversification: Home Decor brands usually stick to a certain tone when talking about their products. For instance, a brand that has adopted a witty tone is likely to retain it for a long period. Influencers, on the other hand, bend and wrap a company’s message. This leads to content diversification; Influencers demonstrate in real-time precisely what the product offers and this creates far more engaging content.

Besides these advantages, Influencers do a great job of staying transparent. They never oversell and don’t force their audiences to follow their suggestions and advice. Engagement is natural as the Influencer’s followers are welcomed to the brand with interesting and relevant content.

Using Influencers for Your Home Decor Business

To get started with influencer marketing, you need to identify Influencers who hit the target when it comes to your business needs. You’ll see loads of Influencers if you search manually via hashtags, but reaching out to them could be a painstaking process. Also, it can’t be guaranteed that Influencers, who have mentioned a brand in a festive decor tutorial, will accept endorsements.

For these reasons, influencer marketing platforms are a useful option for home decor companies to consider. They connect brands with relevant Influencers depending on the company’s budget and needs. The creative direction of the campaign can be discussed after a home decor brand picks an Influencer to work with.

Also, it is possible to collaborate with Influencers in a specific city if you want to create brand awareness of holiday decor products in a specific area. All the process is automated, from the reaching out phase to the execution process.

A Tip: Look for Influencers who do a great job at combining lifestyle shots with holiday decor inspiration. This approach will not only highlight the design aesthetic and features of your items, but also keep it genuine and engaging for the Influencer’s followers.

The road to onward sharing of your seasonal decor starts with someone igniting intrinsic interest in your brand. In the end, home decor and decoration is an incredibly popular topic online and is a fantastic opportunity for home decor companies to take advantage of.


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  1. I like how you said that when looking to hire an influencer, you need to find one who is in your own area of expertise. This would be wise to do if you were looking for a tech influencer, or a home decor influencer, or something like that. That way you get someone who has knowledge in what you are doing and can help you when you need them.

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