5 steps to use Twitter to its full potential

We have all the technology we need at our fingertips today, and most of us use it. With smartphones, tablets and computers, but are we using our apps and devices to their full potentials? Most of us aren’t, unless in the tech world, it’s doubtful that you have all the information necessary to use some of this new technology best. Here are some tools and tips that help you free the Twitter bird from its cage.


1. Write an informative bio

According to blogger Christian Vasile, The first place people look is the bio. It is their first interaction with you and your profile and it is what you will get judged by at first. Because there is a character limit there as well, you should pay extra attention to what you choose to write and what you omit. Make use of different words to emphasize if you are a serious, tough individual or a relaxed, artist-like fellow.

2. Use Twitter Analytics to check your engagement


  • Timeline Activity – Measures follows, unfollows, mentions, and engagement with your content
  • Followers – Measures longterm follower growth and follower demographics like gender, location, psychographics, and similar Twitter users
  • Websites – Measures total tweets, clicks and engagements of content from your website (requires use of “advanced”Twitter ads)

3. Find out who you’re reaching with TweetReach


The free version of this tool will give you analytics for your last 50 tweets. The pie chart shows you the breakdown of types of tweets you send such as regular tweets, @replies to other users, and retweets RT @user.

4. Tweet, retweet and schedule future Tweets with Hootsuite


With Hootsuite you can gather material, add photos and hashtags and have a whole week scheduled out if you need to. You can retweet with it as well and manage multiple accounts.

5. Use TwitterCounter to see the graph for your number of followers, the number you are following, and the number of tweets you send in a weekly to 3-month view.


Seeing the numbers mapped out can help you see what you’re doing right and what can be changed. This tool helps you see your basic stats about followers, following and tweets while also checking to see what it will take to double your current following with prediction sliders.

This is a small sampling of the Twitter tools pie and we hope that this helps you master the Twitter-universe. Twitter itself is one of the most powerful tools out there to help you grow personally as an online influencer and professionally as a businessperson. Uncage the bird and let it fly at full speed.




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