Getting ready for The World’s Hardest Working Startup | Web Summit

We are getting ready for the Dublin Web Summit! It is a unique opportunity for Buzzoole to have been selected to participate in one of the best high tech events ever! The Web Summit is not just an event where the most innovative startups meet up, but it’s where all technology, web lovers and best ideas come together, and only the craziest and most passionate teams can be part of it!

Web Summit will be a great opportunity for startuppers which are looking to meeting successful entrepreneurs. We’ll look forward meeting old friends and making new amazing connections. We’ll have the opportunity to meet the biggest webtech companies (Dropbox, Amazon, Facebook) we’ve just heard of, read about or use their products.

Dublin, however, has challenged us with another contest: “The World’s Hardest Working Startup”, where only the 50 most voted startups will be judged by a panel, who will determine their Top 5 Hardest Working Startups and pick the overall winner.

contest The Hardest working start up

The winning team will be collected in fancy private cars from Dublin airport, whisk them to their rooms in the Four Seasons Hotel where investors from around the world are staying, bring them out on the Main Stage at the Summit, and lots more. The rest of the top 5 will be putted in a nice hotel too.

We’d like to be among the top 5! Why? Because we are a so passionate and dedicated to our project that we deserve to be treated like real stars for a moment!

You can vote for Buzzoole below simply by clicking the “like” button.

That startup must make it into the top 50 startups before the deadline on October 11th to be consider for the top prize!

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