Buzzoole launches Finder; the new Influencer Search Engine

Since the beginning of Buzzoole we’ve been working hard to revolutionize the role of users and their social activities and, above all, to give commercial importance to the influence that these users have over their followers and friends.

With Buzzoole Finder we have established our commitment into a software that allows one to identify, among all online users, those who have a better following based on specific search parameters, and providing those who want to create a buzz-marketing campaign the ideal starting point to trigger a viral word-of-mouth.


Buzzoole Finder technology allows a web search that includes all Facebook profiles, Twitter, blogs and personal websites and a classification based on the specific audience detected on the selected topic. Furthermore, Buzzoole Finder is based on an advanced search of specific topics of interest (php, cinema, startups, internet, chef, etc..) and country of origin, which enables it to identify the most influential of 2 billion users online.

Buzzoole Finder is an innovative tool that allows companies to identify expert users in a field/topic and who have followers/friends who recognize their experience. The search result in Finder gives companies the opportunity to communicate and interact with users that will promote and generate word-of-mouth, and will be able to influence the buying behavior of the masses and create a positive sentiment.


Imagine, for example, wanting to start a PR campaign for which you need to involve the people who are influential in the field of film making and that, at the same time, will generate a buzz such as to increase the positive sentiment towards a new product, a startup or a well-known brand. Very well, these influential users already exist, they are waiting to be contacted and to become ambassadors of the promoting company.

Also, as we are all aware, there is nothing better than a good story to channel the feeling of users towards something, therefore, we have to entrust the creation of stories to professional story tellers.

Where are we going to find them?

At this point Finder comes into play: just a click away you will have the most influential users of the web (with the largest number of followers and recognized competence and experience) and you will be able to convey the tastes of their followers, modify the common feelings thanks only to an opinion or a writing experience. With Buzzoole Finder it will be possible to uncover new emerging profiles, new promises of influencer marketing.


To allow flexible access to the service we have formulated four different pricing options that reflect different requirements: Starter, Basic, Professional, and Unlimited which are articulated on a monthly or annual basis.

Here at Buzzoole we believe in the value of all social users and we strongly believe that the future of business will move towards online word-of-mouth and towards a higher comprehension of our audience that we all have through social media.

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