Net Reach: to discover the deduplicated reach of your campaigns


Companies are increasingly using influencer marketing in a strategic and regular way.
This new approach is certainly influenced by data showing how influencers’ powerful credibility and followers’ have a strong propensity to purchase.

According to a recent survey by Nielsen Global Media (2,000 interviews representative of the Italian population aged 18+ and connected to the internet, April 2020), 52% of those who follow at least one creator claimed to have purchased a product inspired by an influencer in the last 30 days.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, influencer marketing campaigns are designed to cover medium-long periods (6 months or one year) and end up involving dozens of creators, who in turn post more content on different channels. As a result, a user may view the same post on the influencers’ other social channels or see posts from the same campaign from multiple influencers.
Hence the need to calculate the number of people actually reached by the entire activity.

Thanks to our collaboration with Nielsen Global Media, we have developed a methodology for this calculation. Net Reach integrates data, provided by Buzzoole and other social analytics platforms, with a quantitative survey on a sample of the creators’ followers who have been activated for the campaign being measured. Using this process, it is possible to detect how many individuals have seen the posts, and the degree of overlap between the followers of the creators involved across the various platforms.

Buzzoole customers may request this additional study in order to improve on the measurement of their influencer marketing campaigns. In addition, customers can still request a Nielsen Brand Effect analysis, which provides an understanding of the campaign’s impact based on the KPIs of primary and secondary brands. The analysis also compares the impact against other digital activities (top of mind, spontaneous and solicited awareness, favourability, recommendation, and intention to buy).

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