Social Media Week is where you want to be

Social media isn’t a fad anymore, it’s our statement, our influence and ultimately our reputations. week has been dedicated to it which in one of its many locations, NYC, started this year February 17 and ends February 21. People meet all over the world to try and wrap their hands around ultimately the best ways to integrate and involve social media in their lives, connections and businesses.

This year’s theme is: The Future of Now: Always On, Always Connected.

Along with dream networking and workshops galore, there will be “speakers” who are leading entrepreneurs in their field and in the world of social media. The perfect opportunity to learn from the experts in the field. The best thing about social media, is you can apply what you learn right away. Bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses get started with just an idea that gets launched on social media.

The conference is held twice a year in various locations around the world and was launched in 2009. The upcoming New York City version will span three floors of the Highline Stages in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, each with a separate theme–engage, innovate, and change.

“This is our most ambitious and forward thinking event to-date and will feature emerging trends and industry best practices that you will not hear about anywhere else”, said Toby Daniels (pictured), Social Media Week Founder and CEO of Crowdcentric.


According to Adotas, featured installations will look at the future of data visualization, the Internet of Things, 3D printing and more.

A special Pop Up Marketplace will be constructed in conjunction with the Future of Now Exhibition to give attendees face-to-face interaction with digitally native brands through creative experiences.


You can follow what’s happening at Social media week through Facebook, Twitter(#smw insert city), YouTube and Google+ and stay up to date on what the brightest minds of social media are buzzing about. If you’re involved in the online world as an amateur or as an expert this is the event you want to attend. The fact that a week dedicated to social media has gone global should signify the importance of the Web and show where we’re all heading in the future.

If you’re already reaping from the benefits of this week, tell us what you think. What’s the best thing about attending Social Media Week?

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