Top 5 alternatives to Whatsapp messenger

Nothing new that Whatsapp’s wallet recently got too big for its pockets. The news has been buzzing around the world and is one of the top trends of the moment; Facebook enterprise recently bought Whatsapp for $19 billion. Along with that acquisition, Zuckerberg says that Whatsapp is even more valuable than the price sold. Is this a game of Monopoly or what?

Seems like Whatsapp users may see some changes with this new business deal, not to mention the free app has also begun charging since the beginning of 2014. So, it isn’t surprising that people are turning to the alternative apps instead. Lucky for us, there are many IM applications today that provide what is an arguably better user experience, more design features and at the same time, have extra functionality.


Here are some of the best alternatives on the market:

5. Kik Messenger

The app is very simple and does a good job at sending messages to individuals or groups. There are no calling capabilities but you have the overall basic messaging functionality supported on a wide variety of mobile systems, for free.


4. WeChat

This is one of the most popular alternatives and most similar to Whatsapp only it also provides free video calls. It gained instant popularity after launching and is still growing. You start by entering your phone number. An SMS will follow, giving you the verification code. You can then connect your Facebook and email account to let people find you more easily.


3. Telegram

TechCrunch writes that  -Pavel and Nikolai Durov – the brothers who created Russia’s version of Facebook, called Vkonkakte launched Telegram to ease people’s concerns over privacy. It has the same functionalities as most other messenger apps without the calling feature. This app has a high popularity and easy to use features.


2. Viber

Viber is popular for its free calling feature. It is also cross-platform and is known to work best on 3G. Having hit more than 200 million users by July 2013, Viber is adding 400,000 users daily as of March this year. Like Whatsapp, it uses your mobile number and contacts to connect you with friends.


1. Line

Line is available on both PC and smartphones and allows users to play games, send stickers, chat and enjoy free voice and video calls from other Line users. This app has a colorful interface; a variety of emojis and stickers users can buy or add free and has 220 million users worldwide.


While everyone was panicking during the Whatsapp outage, they could have been downloading the just-as-good alternatives. These apps are amazing in how they connect friends, family and the world. We hold the new resources for communication in the palm of our hands. What’s your favorite messenger and what features would you add if you could?

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