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While many of the voices surrounding the Sochi 2014 Winter Games aren’t all fans, we can’t deny that there is a LOT of buzz happening and that’s not all bad for Russia. With much of the criticism being superficial and exaggerated, people are taking to social media to report the good, funny and more from various social media accounts.

Some of the best gifs have come from the faces of the angry Olympians and the best tweets from angry journalists. Let’s not forget that we get to hear personal opinions about the Olympics from the participants themselves the athletes.

Here are the top 5 most popular athletes on social media for these Winter Olympics 2014:

Ashley Wagner, team USA figure skater who skated her heart out made headlines all over the Web for her disbelief once they unveiled her score. Her “BS” face is now turned into gifs and spreading throughout social media platforms.


Sjinkie Knegt, Dutch speed skater let his competitive spirit get the best of him when he lost to Russian gold-medalist Viktor Ahn. Videos of the less-than-happy skater have gone viral.

Rebecca Possum Torr, New Zealand snowboarder looked for love in the Sochi village using the app, Tinder as soon as she put foot in and even made the Olympic Village Daily, the newspaper in the village.



Aja Evans, American bobsledder has been live tweeting since she got to the games and posted this fun photo of her and others from team USA enjoying the Olympic village.


Belle Brockhoff, Australian snowboarder made the cut for her outspoken attitude about these anti-gay laws in Russia and how it’s affecting their decision to possibly pull out of these games.


Some of the best tweets have come from the journalists live tweeting their not-so-great experience.


The Olympic games also mean the Olympics of social media and it seems like everyone wants to be a part of it. You can cheer on your favorite athletes thanks to the social world. Find out how to optimize your Twitter account and post your favorite tweets under the hashtag #cheerstosochi.


What have been your favorite moments of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia?




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