Wake up and smell the hashtag

If you’re the kind of social media addicted who just can’t wait for throwback Thursday or better known as #tbt not to worry! Every day of the week has a corresponding hashtag or two that goes viral. These hashtags give you that high that you get when posting sentimental photos.

With the daily hashtag each photo has a purpose and gains value. Others who use the hashtag will most likely look at yours too, so in turn, you’re broadening your audience. It’s a fun interaction that millions are taking part in through Instagram and other social media networks.


Here are some of the best daily hashtags:


Man crush Monday #mcm




People tend to post motivational messages, before and after photos or pictures of beautiful men on this day. Always intending to motivate others and share inspiring stories and photos.





Tuesday is a fun day where people who they’re nightly drink or nightcap as some call it.





This is the middle of the week, or the “hump” of the week. Although many take the work in the vulgar sense and post either mid-week photos or sexy photos suggesting “hump” day.




This is the most popular hashtag of the week, throwback Thursday where people get sentimental and post photos from their past. Sharing their life stories with the world.




This is a spinoff of throwback Thursday which gives people another chance to post old photos of themselves and friends.





Another way to show how cool you really are, this day you get to show off in a sense, and brag about your anything and everything.





Another favorite, this is the classic “selfie” day where people take shots of themselves throughout the day. This hashtag leaks into the rest of the week as well.


You can use these daily hashtags to connect with people around the world and create engagement through your social networks. You can use your imagination and create your own hashtag and see if it catches on, there are enough to go around. What’s your favorite hashtag of the week?

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