Valentine’s Day Social Media Trends

Social media and Valentine’s day are a pair made in heaven. Brands want their audiences to love them and they want to let them know how much they appreciate them, so the day of love brings about all sorts of opportunities for just that. From contests, to total number of likes for prizes, to videos personalized for their followers, Valentine’s Day showcases the love in the air and the amount of buzz a marketing scheme like love can actually create.


If you want to learn a lesson in love, check out these top 5 social media tips and tricks for Valentine’s Day.

1. Make a separate landing page for a Valentine campaign

On which you can run a contest and let visitors win gifts or just let them open up a Valentine personalized from your brand. By creating a fun campaign it will keep followers engaged and entertained and will show that your company has a creative side. Ideas can range from product samples, music, dining options, just be sure it relates to your company.


2. Start a hashtag for the day of love

If you can get a hashtag to catch on with your followers and get them sharing photos and ideas relating to the hashtag it’s good news. Use some creativity and try and make it relevant to Valentine’s Day while still about your brand. Then get to Twitter and start posting!


3. Start a Valentine’s Day discussion

The subject of love already hits the heartstrings of many so you’re steps ahead when it comes to engagement. Now make that subject your own by relating it to the love of a product, service, tech brand or innovator. Get people involved by asking questions and staying involved in the comments and aftermath.


4. Create a love-related contest on one of your social networks

Watch the competitive spirit come out in fans and make sure you have a goodie to reward the winner with. Picture contests seem to have the most popularity with Instagram and other apps being so readily available. Stay engaged and comment on how the contest is coming along, how many hours are left or who seems to be doing a great job in the lead.


5. Sprinkle your social pages with the language of love

Make sure to change your cover, your profile picture or your background picture to make your page relevant for the very popular holiday. Post fun gifs and love-related quotes to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. On other days it may not make a difference, but on V-day people want to talk the talk and walk the walk of love.


Remember to understand who your fans are, if they’re more apt to liking the lovey-dovey stuff go all the way, if you think they’re more in the make-fun of V-Day then make sure to add some humor into your posts.. Always give them content they’ll find interesting,, funny or inspiring enough to share. What have you done differently on your social networks to celebrate Valentine’s Day?




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