Add ALL Your Instagram Accounts and Get Invited to More Campaigns!

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Instagram has recently reached 1 billion users worldwide and its growth seems unstoppable. There are now 23 million users in the UK alone and most of them use the app daily. Some users actually have more than one profile and are now able to seamlessly manage their accounts without logging out and in again.

Thanks to our latest feature release, Buzzoole users who have more than one account will be able to connect multiple Instagram accounts to our platform. Ultimately increasing their chances of being selected for a campaign.

Adding a new Instagram account is pretty simple, you just need to click on the “+” button on your dashboard and select the Instagram logo. A new page will pop up on your screen and you will be able to insert the required social login information.

This is just the latest update in a series of developments that we have been working on during the past few months to improve your user experience. In recent months, we have also released reporting on Instagram Stories and enhanced your experience linked to the use of Business accounts. Each of these updates underpins our ongoing commitment to transparency and measurement in the Influencer Marketing space, and are key to an industry which is becoming ever more dependent on Instagram.

As shown by our research published this August, more than 900K pieces of content have been created using #ad in the first six months of 2018, driving a 44% growth compared to the same period in 2017.

So what are you waiting for? Add ALL your Instagram accounts and get invited to more campaigns. You know you want to!

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