The advantages of Buzzoole technology for the Influencer Marketing

Buzzoole influencer marketing technology

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, image recognition: how many times have you read or heard these words in the latest years? They are powerfully entering the marketers’ lexicon and reflecting the present and most likely the future not only of technology but of everything that makes use of it.

Technology is also core to Buzzoole, where it has succeeded in the challenge of automating a complex process such as the Influencer Marketing, starting from the influencer matching and the campaign setup, to management and payment.
Today we are excited to tell you something more about our technology and the advantages of using it in Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence at the service of Influencer Marketing

Buzzoole has developed an Artificial Intelligence system based on deep learning algorithms, statistical models and analyses of social networks. It is thus able to accurately categorise the Creators and simplify their correct match with Brands. The system features a multi-level analysis that uses different techniques, such as:

  • Natural Language Understanding. NLU analyses texts in order to understand Creators’ content, allowing Buzzoole to examine their online behaviors and the topics they talk about. Our multi-language semantic analysis-based system is able to understand the topics a text should be categorised as (choosing among 200 categories and sub-categories).
  • Image Recognition. Artificial intelligence uses convolutional neural networks and statistical classifiers to analyse and recognise contents of images. When a post caption is not exhaustive, for example, image recognition helps reaching a greater precision in identifying Creators’ topics through the image posted.

The First-Party Data to get true information on Influencers

Another strong point of Buzzoole technology is the proprietary Fraud Detection and Insight analysis system. Thanks to the access to First-Party Data, i.e. data derived directly from the Social Media of the Creators who have allowed their use, we are able to obtain accurate and truthful information. With an ad-hoc developed methodology, it is possible to identify Influencers who engage in fraudulent activities, establish the health status of a channel and detect BOTs or suspicious audiences.

First-party data are essential to unveil fake engagement and fake followers, being these impossible to identify through public data only. Metrics such Reach and Impressions or the comparison between different values e.g. Engagement / Reach and Reach / Followers give a clear picture of how a profile performs and whether it may be suspected of BOTs. Moreover, channel audience helps identifying the genuineness of followers: for example, an Italian Creator who writes in Italian but has a mainly foreign audience may ring alarm bells or, however, not meet the need of a Brand that wants to position on the Italian market.

Furthermore, Buzzoole can count on a memory and expertise of over 2,700 campaigns from 2014 to present, which constitutes an important asset to benchmark against and to optimise budgets, costs, performance and the selection of Content Creators.

Buzzoole will continue to invest in Research and Development focusing on technological innovation and offering cutting-edge solutions to companies. To get a glimpse of our tech offer, you can request a demo of the new Buzzoole Discovery, the brand-new tool to identify the right Content Creators for your next Influencer Marketing campaign.

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