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Someone does it for fun, some for passion, others for profession. Being an Influencer can be a very rewarding job indeed. If you decided to take this path, you have probably found yourself thinking about how to stand out in a sky full of stars or how to increase collaborations with brands. Being beautiful, taking stunning photos or building a trustworthy relationship with followers is not enough anymore. There must be a real strategy behind, a sort of puzzle made up of many little pieces. Today we want to share with you some of these little pieces and help you increase your chances of collaborating with your favourite brands!

Say no to fake followers and fake engagement

Big numbers are no longer the driver of choice for brands. If vanity metrics have been guiding uncontested this market until now, today we witness a clear and decisive turnaround and a focus on different metrics. Buying followers, likes, comments and using bots not only is now useless but also penalising. There are tools that, indeed, allow brands to verify the authenticity of a Creator, being this the #1 thing they look at when engaging influencers.You can read more about this in our White Paper “The Battle for Authenticity: Fighting Influencer Marketing Fraud”.
To sum up, “better few but good”, as brands look at quality, not quantity!

Business profile

Professionalism is essential for collaborations. On Instagram, one of the first steps to showcase it is switching your personal profile into a business (or Creator – if given the opportunity) one.
You’ll also get immediate benefits yourself:

  • Call to action buttons to get in touch directly
  • Fast sponsoring opportunities to reach new audiences
  • Clear insights to monitor your content performance and your followers’ behaviour.

Moreover, recent news report Instagram to be hiding the number of ‘likes’ on posts from different countries, as a test to give greater freedom to Creators. The focus is on the story they want to tell, not on whether people like it or not.
It is now clear that an Instagram business profile is a must, since it provides you the real insights brands rely on.

Let your creativity be your mark 

You won’t bright in a sky full of stars if you just follow the trends and create content that the public has seen a thousand times elsewhere.You should define and strengthen your own image on social networks: think outside the box, get inspired and create your unique style. Let creativity and authenticity be your strong points and speak for yourself, brands will appreciate it! You can get some more advice or inspiration by discovering real stories on  how to become a full-time Creator

Collaborate only with brands in line with your style

When you reach a good visibility on Instagram, the number of collaborations with brands increases. Great, isn’t it? But remember that you don’t necessarily have to say yes to all of them: your feed is your business card, so take care of it! It is important to follow a personal and consistent editorial strategy as well as to always consider whether a brand or product reflects your same audience or values. If you are a fashion Creator, for example, you may be  invited to promote not only clothes and accessories but also tech or food products. The secret is to select only the collaborations you find coherent with your image and values and that won’t let you give up on your personal style!

A platform for success

What are brands looking for? Reliability, visibility, creativity, but, above all, satisfying and measurable performances. Buzzoole is here to answer this need. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to match brands and Content Creators, thus increasing the chances of the latter  of getting involved in collaborations. By signing up to our platform, you’ll access a personal dashboard where you can manage your campaigns, get an overview of your channels performance and understand your areas of improvement. Discover how Buzzoole works with our guide!

Authenticity, professionalism, creativity and consistency are the bases of this type of career. If you want to keep up to date about our stories and insights from the Influencer Marketing backstage, you can subscribe to our newsletter!

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  1. Blog molto interessante…Finalmente gli algoritmi instagram aiutano tutti a crescere e i brand possono apprezzare il contenuto dei post e non solo l’audience che hanno

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