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When a company approaches Influencer Marketing, one of the main issues is finding Creators that can personify the brand’s values. Traditionally, this was done by manually browsing the social channel used for the campaign, googling lists of Influencers or looking for specific hashtags and keywords. As many brands are now planning to inhouse their Influencer Marketing activities, we have developed a brand new product to make their job easier: Buzzoole Discovery.

How does Buzzoole Discovery work?

In order to simplify and speed up the Influencers search and selection, we have designed an AI-powered tool to boost our clients capabilities when it comes to scout new Creators for their campaigns. By deploying technologies such as Natural Language Understanding and Image Recognition algorithms, Influencers can be categorised according to the type of content they produce on different channels. This allows for the search of specific niches, which means that within the Fashion category, you will be able to find the Influencers who are focused on even more specific topics such as “Plus Size Fashion”, and who have mentioned specific brands.

By using Buzzoole Discovery, marketers will be able to analyse more than two million social profiles (not only the ones who belong to the Buzzoole community) and identify the best Creators for their campaign objectives.

Identify the right Creators for your campaign

In order to make the identification process easier, Buzzoole Discovery offers three types of search: Smart, Advanced and Content.
The Smart search offers the filters such as name, email, social media handle, social media channels used, engagement per post, location and category.
The Advanced search allows for a more in-depth analysis based on the specific market segment and audience the brand is willing to target (gender, age, interests, location). Moreover, you can dive deep into the Creator’s bio and discover if they mentioned a specific brand and not others.
The third type of search is content-based, enabling the user to identify the best Creators starting from the post they create. You just need to input a keyword, choose a channel and specific time frame to access a list of pieces of content to look at.

influencer discovery e content search

Analyse the Creator’s profile and evaluate their performance

The second phase of the campaign preparation involves the analysis of the Creators performances (number of followers, engagement rate, engagement per post, impressions), audience demographics, brand mentions, best performing content and much more. Thanks to our fraud detection system built upon the use of social media first-party data, you will then be able to access the Health Score of the Buzzoole Verified profiles. This will show the likeliness of any unhealthy behaviour such as the use of bots or inappropriate language.

influencer performance analysis

Manage and add Creators to your lists

The final step of your campaign set up concerns the selection of the best Influencers and the creation of lists that can be shared with colleagues or used at a later stage.

To speed up future searches, you will be able to tag each Creator and add private notes or details that are visible only to the person who wrote them.

Finally, if brands already know the Creators they are going to engage, it is possible to invite them to join the platform using a referral link. Once joined, a detailed Creator profile will show all their real performance data and all the information about their audience.

manage lists of influencer

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