Managing Influencer Campaigns Just Got Easier: Discover Our New Client Dashboard

Last year we started a new chapter in our journey together. We didn’t just change our look, we worked to elevate our business and as a global leader in the global influencer marketing arena work smart, focus on quality and listen harder to you our customers. Our journey together has really just begun and today we are excited to reach another milestone and deliver you a new client dashboard!

The new client dashboard has been developed with three main objectives in mind:

  • support you to take a more strategic approach to campaign management
  • provide professional tools to meet your demands for better measurement and ROI
  • improve your overall user experience

This dashboard is the starting point for any Influencer Marketing campaign that you will run with Buzzoole. That is why we are focused on making your experience both seamless and intuitive. Read on to discover how the new features in our client dashboard can help you from Creator approval through to results monitoring.

A new client dashboard with a smarter interface

Campaign building one-o-one

This new section is designed to help you if you have never run an Influencer Marketing campaign with us. Newbies will be guided through the main steps using a sample campaign to help show you how to use all of the features offered by Buzzoole.

Keep track of your campaigns

Our new interface allows you to see an overview of all your campaigns, both active and closed. This enables you to compare your results at a glance. If you need more details on a specific campaign, simply click on it to access all the details.

Revisions, approvals and uploads

Once you have clicked on a specific campaign and accessed the details, you will be able to see the campaign brief and manage all revision and approval activities:

  • approve each Creator that our algorithm has selected for your campaign
  • review and approve content before it goes live
  • upload all your assets directly to your Facebook Ads Gallery, so that they can be used for your advertising campaigns

Monitor the performance of your campaign

Thanks to our data-driven technology, Buzzoole is able to provide you with an in-depth analysis of your campaign performance. In this section you will be able to check the impact of your campaign in real time; together with your campaign’s KPI, you will be able to see the innovative metrics we have developed in collaboration with Nielsen.

Request a live demo

The new dashboard will also allow you to speak directly with a member of our team, who will answer your questions and be able deep dive into the many opportunities offered by our platform.

Sound good? Check out your new Buzzoole dashboard now!


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