‘Brand Mentions’ Arrive On A Dashboard Near You

A few months ago we launched our new user dashboard, featuring an influence chart, in-depth audience analytics and a comprehensive breakdown of campaign performance and trends. Thanks to the latest update from our Product team, we have now completed another piece of the puzzle.

What are the brand mentions?

Ever wondered which brands Creators mention most in their posts? Which ones they mention in sponsored vs organic #ad posts? In answer to these questions we have created “Brand Mentions”, a new module that can be found at the top of a Creator’s personal dashboard and helps you understand which brands have been mentioned in their previous organic posts and which they have worked with on sponsored posts.

This feature works without the need to tag a brand in a post. Our tech “reads” the brand mentions and visualises them in a word cloud, even if the brand is simply cited within the post’s accompanying caption. By clicking on the brands name it will be possible to view the post and understand how the brand was featured, when it was published, if it was a sponsored post and what the engagement was.

This new feature is visible to Creators and Brands with access to the Buzzoole dashboard, allowing both to benefit from the insight it provides.

Get in touch for more information on this feature and to explore our platform capabilities.

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