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Report di campagna

Research shows that 82% of consumers say that they are highly likely to follow a recommendation made by an influencer, and brands have learned quite quickly how to effectively include Influencer Marketing in their marketing mix.

Although Influencer Marketing has had tremendous success, that hasn’t always been reflected through easy to grasp metrics and results. That is to say that the metrics provided by the most used social media platforms aren’t enough to measure and evaluate the impact of your Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Buzzoole is an Influencer Marketing platform with tech and data at its core, that is why we are always striving to provide our clients with comprehensive, transparent and consistent campaign reports. 

The latest update to our dashboard allows you to download your campaign reports in PowerPoint format, so that it can be edited and shared internally according to your needs.

What data will be shown?

  • Overview. An overview of your campaign showing the number of people reached, the number of Creators who took part in the campaign, the number of pieces of content created and the total engagement.
  • Creators & Content. An overview of the Creators involved in the campaign, the social media platforms that they have created content for, the number of combined followers potentially reached and the geographical location of the Creator. 
  • Potential Impressions & Engagement Trends. You will be able to see the number of potential impressions and how engagement varied during the campaign. 
  • Sentiment. The semantic analysis of the posts’ comments provides you with a view on the overall sentiment generated by your campaign. 
  • Best of. This section shows both the most successful Creators in a given campaign and the posts that generated the highest engagement.

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