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Do you like using Instagram? Do you post photos regularly, get likes and have a good bunch of followers, so you now want to see your name among top Instagrammers’? We definitely know something about influencers: we often see many rising from 80 to 1K followers, being invited to speak on the radio or to have speeches in public. So if you’ve decided to push your account to the top of the influence ladder, this really is the right post for you.

Being among the largest and fastest growing social networks, Instagram accounts 400K users within its community (data from Statista, 2016). This social network spread rapidly and wildly among people belonging to different age cohorts. Indeed, conversely to Snapchat, which is still mostly used by under 30s (source), Instagram has attracted users by leveraging the loved-by-all-ages power of image. We can say it’s very easy to become addicted, if not in posting, at least in appreciating the amazing visual contents which are there on call, sometimes being as astonishing as masterpieces hanging on the walls of museums and art galleries. The flow of published photos is incredibly high, we’re talking about 55 millions pictures posted daily!

Brands are aware of the high potential of this social channel as a way to generate value, awareness, ROI and so on. So if you were waiting for an answer to clarify your doubts regarding choosing the right social media to become influential on, here you have it: dude, you’re doing right!



The power of image. since humans have appeared on Earth, image has always fascinated, engaged, left jaw-opened and attracted affection. It has stimulated thinking, brought and added value to objects, ideas and people.

Well, one of the upside of Instagram is that it made everyone a better photographer! Still life, staggering architecture, delicious meals, beautiful people, beautiful things. Instagram is the triumph of framed beauty, as well as of emotions captured in images as only photography can do.

The question is: within Instagram’s huge community of very active users, how can you stand out of the crowd? How can you make yourself more valuable, praised by others and get contacted by the brands you love to promote their last product launch?

Starting from today Buzzoole is glad to announce that it will be possible to have your Instagram social media account analyzed more in-depth (go check your account and see what’s new!), we are sure this will help you become more influential and valuable. Beside that, here are some other tips you might apply:

1.Choose what you want to be influential in

You can’t be influential as in food as in politics besides any other topics at the same time. Pick up one, and go for that! Our suggestion is to choose that one you’re feeling more passionate about. Little tip: if you log into Buzzoole you can have your social account analyzed for free and you can get an idea about what topics you are currently talking about the most. You would be aware of what your starting point is in your run to success. If you don’t like the response finding yourself influential in technology while your target is sport, well.. you would already know where to move from!


2.Go for the niche

How could you distinguish yourself among other thousands of amazing Instagrammers? You could try going for a more specific approach. I’ll give you an example; you want to become a “foodie” influencer, you could go for only breakfast, or bio food, or desserts, but always adding your personal touch. This is strategy, you know. You can’t go on randomly, it’s proven that big efforts when backed up by a good strategy always pay off.



3.What kind of contents should I post?

We’re not all necessarily Henri Cartier-Bresson or Mario Testino. You can learn taking great pictures by starting following Instagram users’ communities like Igers UK. These communities often provide amazing tutorials on how to use apps to adjust your pictures, or on the specific angles to shoot from when it comes to landscapes or still life and so on. The key word is “high quality” content. You can also have a look at what other Instagrammers do with us by checking our hashtag #buzzinstagramers The creativity and artstry of some influencers are astonishing. Get inspired by their snapshots!

buzzoole #buzzinstagramers

4. Relevance over quantity

Still on quality, it’s not quantity which will help you get attention and enlarge your followers base. You don’t need to post 10 times per day, you can post once or less, but your focus has always be on the relevance of your contents. You should stick to your strategy

quantity over quality

5. Interact with followers.

Of course in order to create more engagement you should establish a good communication with your followers. Have a look at what other top influencers are doing. They reply every time, without missing a comment, they ask questions, they care about their fans, it’s all about how people engage with them and cherish them. Engage with your fans, and if you have very few.. go look for them! How can you do this? By making yourself the first move. Speak with other users, comment, engage yourself and push yourself out of the crowd.


6.And don’t forget the brands!

When you post something valuable, showing perhaps the product of a single brand, do not hesitate to tag the brand, or to use its hashtag. This might return right when THAT brand social media manager will go check the interaction around their hashtag. If your content is valuable, he/she will notice your work and you’ll increase your chance to become a brand ambassador or to be called to join one of their influencer marketing campaigns.

7. Be wise with #

You might wanna use more than 5 or 6 hashtags at the beginning, just to increase your new follower rate. You would do right. Our suggestion is: be wise. Do not put irrelevant hashtags, pick up more wisely. Is your target food? Look up for the most used, apply all the variations like #foodie #foodporn #delicious #cafe #yummy and similar. Do be aware of the fact that most of the top influencers only use 1 or 2, this makes them more valuable and precious. I know, you’re not there yet. Just keep that in mind when you’ll hit the target πŸ™‚


8. Monitor your activities

How can you know what content worked out better? By using Buzzoole’s analytics regarding your Instagram account, you’ll get to know how to monitor your online activity. You can check what content performed best, you can then understand what the right way would be. (Examples from @nicocarmigna)

buzzoole carmignani

9. Check up on competitors

competitorIt’s easy to buy your own press, but you know you shouldn’t. Social media is a tough battle ground. Never forget to keep an eye on other Instagrammers walking your same way. There’s always something you can learn from looking around, being others praises or mistakes. Buzzoole allows you to know of other profiles which are similar to yours. By checking up often, when you’ll see the quality of your competitors improving, this tells you’ve been doing great! Check what makes your profile better or worst by comparing with theirs, and highlighting your flaws or successful actions.


These were some of our tips. Is there anything else you would add or suggest to other users? We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Buzzoole is an influencer marketing platform that enables brands to connect directly with key campaign influencers and their audiences. The platform allows brand managers, and their agencies or partners, to identify, involve and integrate influencers into their digital and social communications in a fully automated, transparent and results-driven approach.


Claudia is Content Strategist at Buzzoole. Branding and advertising passionate, she's part of the Marketing team IT&UK. Get in touch with her at @ClaudiaSpaziano.

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