3 secrets for Efficient, Scalable, Cost-effective Influencer Marketing Campaigns [eBook]

Technology progress runs fast. Can you catch up with it? The context of Digital marketing displays the same complexity. New ways of enacting and leading digital marketing campaigns are now on the table, and old methods are becoming increasingly difficult, ineffective and expensive.

Once adblock it was all about Display Adv, Ad pushing, invasion and intrusion. Now reports (Adobe in PageFair) claim a huge increase in ad blocking tools adoption; $10.7 billion estimated ad revenue will be blocked in 2015 in the United States alone. According to a survey, 66% of the polled consumers said online ads are annoying, and so that is what it comes out.

In a saturated advertising space, the power of a digital ad campaign is determined by its reach, credibility, and consumer reaction. Marketers have continued to use traditional online ads such as sidebar ads, pop-over ads, push notifications, etc. These approaches have become less powerful in several ways. Even TV commercials are more interesting to consumers than online ads nowadays (TechCrunch).



We never get tired of saying that influencer marketing can efficiently respond to these changes, and compensate the gaps about credibility, trust, and reach. So these are the secrets. But how to cope with them?

Scouting for the right influencer and building up a profitable relationship can be very time-consuming, expensive and stressful. Who would be the right one who would help me achieve my objectives? How to approach him/her? How to manage our relationship over time? And what to ask from him/her?

You can find all the answers you need in our free eBook, which is about how you can quit the old, ineffective and expensive methods of digital marketing and start to be part of the all new influence economy.

In the eBook, we will go over:

  • Some data explaining why some old marketing practices are obsolete and ineffective
  • How to build relationships with long-tail experts
  • The impact of automation on the influence economy
  • Analytics, reports and other useful metrics
  • Building influence with automated platforms

Don’t miss the chance to have it, grab your copy here!

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Claudia is Content Strategist at Buzzoole. Branding and advertising passionate, she's part of the Marketing team IT&UK. Get in touch with her at @ClaudiaSpaziano.

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