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Influencer Discovery

The main requirement for brands that approach Influencer Marketing is to identify creators who are aligned with their corporate values. But without the help of technologically advanced platforms, analysing their performance comes to a standstill at an early stage. To meet sophisticated creator qualification needs, we designed Buzzoole Discovery, the tool that simplifies and speeds up the scouting phase.
In recent weeks our product team has released important updates to add to all the pre-existing features, like the three search modes Smart, Advanced and Content (find out more).

Saving searches and alerts

From now on you can save your searches based on the filters used. This update applies to both influencer and content searches, to provide a quick overview of results. But the real strength of this update lies in the possibility of setting alerts that notify the user when new search results are found. The notifications are delivered by email every morning at 9 am.

saving searches Buzzoole Discovery

Analysing influencers through the Engagement/Reach relationship

For all Buzzoole Verified profiles – accounts that have completed all the verification steps – our tool lets you check their “health status” thanks to analysis of first-party data (data acquired directly from social network insights). Alongside the various boxes already present, a graph has been added to show the relationship between engagement and (real) reach of the profile or page, to let you know whether the influencer is resorting to fraudulent methods. The box also shows the average of the results obtained by similar accounts.

Analysing influencers through the Engagement/Reach relationship on Buzzoole Discovery

“Content” area in the creator tab

The “content” area has been added to the creator performance tab. In this section, you can filter the content by different criteria

  • Categories: to see the content produced in the category of interest (e.g. make-up, skincare, fashion etc.)
  • Brands mentioned: to identify the brands mentioned, by clicking on them, you can access the content created
  • Hashtag: to view the creator’s most used hashtags
  • Tag: to see the tags (the @nameprofile mentions) inserted in the content.

You can also choose how content is displayed, filtering it by sponsored (all content with transparency hashtags #ad, #sponsored, #suppliedby etc…) or organic.

"Content" area in the creator tab in Buzzoole Discovery tool.

If you’re interested in learning more about new updates or more generally about Buzzoole Discovery, just get in touch.

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