Fashion Week and the Oscars: Influencers in the know

Fashion and cinema have always chased each other to determine the trends of the moment. The mutual exchange between cinematography and charismatic personalities has generated some of the most unique styles in history: with Audrey Hepburn one cannot help thinking about her little black dress, the oversized sunglasses and the pearl necklace.

During these last few days, two much anticipated events have taken place: the Milan and London Fashion Weeks and the Oscars, so we wanted to delve deeper on these two hot topics from the Influencer Marketing perspective. We have interviewed three top fashion & lifestyle Influencers: Elisa Taviti (, Scarlett Dixon (, and Fabrizio Putrino (theeffefactor), to learn more about their views on these important events.


three fashion & lifestyle bloggers
Fabrizio Putrino, Elisa Taviti, Scarlett Dixon

What do you think about this year’s London/Milan Fashion Week?

Elisa: Fashion Week is always a race against time. We see so many fashion shows and events, so it’s not always easy to know what will be the next trends right away. Anyway, the two trends of the next fall/winter season will be total red as in Max Mara collections, and also the return of pink, in all its shades. Milan Fashion Week is one of my favourite times of the year because I can go wild and have fun with my outfits however I want. Although for me the rules for a successful look are always two-fold: elegance and sobriety.

Fabrizio: As every year, Milan Fashion Week is one of the most awaited events by fashion victims, bloggers, Influencers, etc. This year’s theme was freedom and self consciousness, as seen in the Peter Dundas spring-summer collection 2017 for Roberto Cavalli. It was inspired by the culture of native americans, the ’70s and hippy and bohemian fashion, i.e. oversized skirts, long gilets and foulards. Another recurring trend in the Milan Fashion week collections was the ethnic style seen with Etro and Armani. Dolce & Gabbana continues its trip into Sicily, while Max Mara opts for a minimalist style inspired to Italian tradition.

This is also the week of the Oscars, do you take inspiration from the celebrities for your outfits, and what are your favourite icons of the present and the past?

Elisa: More than the dresses themselves, there are two celebrities that I think every time they go up on the red carpet are always terribly beautiful: Charlize Theron and Cate Blanchett. They wear every dress to perfection, with elegance and style like no other, in my opinion.

Scarlett: In all the history of Oscars, there’s been so many outfits that I’ve loved. However I have to say, Jennifer Lawrence consistently gets it right with her fashion choices – the perfect mix of creative edginess and experimentation but still staying true to her understated feminine glamour.

Fabrizio: I love the Oscars and among all the looks of this year’s edition, Janelle Monae in Elie Saab Couture was the one that impressed me most : with all those sparkling paillettes and transparencies it couldn’t go unnoticed. As for men, Ryan Gosling, in Gucci and Justin Timberlake, in Tom Ford, were the most elegant in their tuxedos.

La La Land
La La Land

Who was the best dressed and who was the worst dressed (in your opinion) at this year’s Oscars?

Elisa: To me the best dressed are: Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph & Russo Haute Couture, and the supermodel Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney. On the contrary, Halle Berry and Felicity Jones didn’t convince me at all. Also, Leslie Mann in her Zac Posen looked too yellow.

Fabrizio: The style Oscar goes to the beautiful Charlize Theron, in Dior. With her golden dress, she brought gleam and richness on the red carpet. Same thing for Emma Stone, in Givenchy, who apart from winning the Oscar for best actress with La La Land, she left a mark with her incredible beauty and elegance. Among the worst dressed, Leslie Mann floored everyone with her yellow dress by Zac Posen. Also Dakota Johnson in her Gucci wasn’t very glamorous, she looked like an ’80s bride, and was described as embarrassing by many.

What would be your top tip for recreating this style on a budget?

Elisa: I believe that one can be glamour, chic and elegant without spending a fortune. Oscars of course are a special event, but we can easily reproduce the style by making a tour of some of the most popular online shops. Anyway, I think that sobriety and simplicity always win. Never exaggerate or be obsessed by new trends; the secret for a perfect look is to feel comfortable in your skin and always aim at being classy.

Fabrizio: For recreating the style of Justin Timberlake on a budget, I suggest visiting some of the most known e-commerce sites to find a low cost solution. For example, I’ve found a very similar tuxedo on Asos.

Scarlett: J-Law is very good at understated glamour. So nothing is over the top and everything fits very classically, so while she does experiment with colour, texture and style – it never feels overdone. To recreate her style, I’d recommend finding a classic, feminine fitted dress that flatters your figure. Focus on the cut rather than the fussiness. And then accessorise with silver jewellery and a smoky eye.

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

What do you think the key trend of Summer 2017 will be?

Elisa: Surely there are no doubts about the next trend: it is logo-mania. T-shirts with logos, belts with big buckles and logoed bags. From sweaters to socks, all reviving the brand logo!

Scarlett: I think we’ll see lots of pink (yay!) and be re-introduced to the boho trends of a few years back. Think Coachella vibes, bralets, florals, floaty dresses and luxe sportswear. It’s all very chilled, casual and off-duty!

Fabrizio: The new trend for men in summer 2017 is “stripes mania”: vertical stripes are the new designers inspiration. They mix them up by playing with colours and textures.

What would be your main piece of advice for a budding fashion Influencer?

Elisa: The real secret is to never give up and to have a lot of patience. The online world is enormous and there is room for everyone, but the key thing is not to only focus on the idea of becoming super famous at all costs. Things are gained with time, and to reach it you need perseverance and commitment, as in everything. Obviously it’s essential to have passion, I’ve made this work for over six years and every day I am as committed as if it was the first. I always try to improve myself and I never stop in the face of obstacles.

Scarlett: To let your own personal style shine through. You are your own blog’s niche so make sure readers get to know, you! Anything that makes you unique, quirky or different, embrace – and don’t be afraid to experiment with style. Make sure your audience can invest in you by posting consistently – and they’ll keep coming back!

Fabrizio: My suggestion is to be yourself and distinguish yourself from the others. Choose appealing images, create spectacular settings, make your readers dream and travel with their mind.

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