Under the Influence: What Generation Z has to say about themselves

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This week, Buzzoole presented the Youth Marketing Summit – the biggest festival of youth marketing in Europe. The event brings together all kinds of people, from top brands to innovative agencies that “define pioneering movements within the youth sector”.

Our research for the event has focused on one particular group, Generation Z.

Generation Z, or post-Millennials, have been described as Global citizens. They have been characterised as easily bored, activists and visual-innovators. They challenge the status quo, but are also attached to traditional values such as family and financial security. Generation Z is not only tech innate, but also financially savvy.

In the UK, Gen Z makes up one quarter of the population. Here we asked two of our Gen Z Influencers, Jordan Lee and Vlad Vaida, what it was like to be part of this intriguing group.

Jordan Lee, is an “all round doer of things” blogger www.jordanlee.co and Vlad Vaida is a lifestyle blogger at www.vladvaida.com.

Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee

Why are you an influencer?

Jordan: Because it’s fun, challenging and creative! I get to share things I love with other, like minded people.

Vlad: I don’t have a particular reason for being an influencer – The internet is basically a creativity outlet for me and I just love to share my work with others.

How do you feel about being part of Gen Z?
Jordan: Honored! I like taking what life has given us like technology and uncertainty in the economy and using it to my advantage to just be creative and love what I do.

Vlad: I feel kind of honored — I mean, Gen Z is the definition of ‘best of both worlds’, in my vision

What are your main uses of social media?
Jordan: Communicating with like minded creative people, sharing exciting projects and commenting on society.

Vlad: My main uses of social media consist of scrolling my Facebook feed judging people I know (just kidding) I just use social media to share the content I create or just to keep in touch with family!

When it comes to purchasing decisions, what influences you?
Jordan: Someone who knows their stuff and I trust to give an honest review of things like new products.

Vlad: My purchasing decisions are influenced by how I feel like in that moment — do I need it? – why do I need it?

How does the fact that you’re an influencer affect your daily life?
Jordan: I try to find the beauty in everything, whether that physical attributes or a great story because everything that’s ever been made comes from a place of passion.

Vlad Vaida

Vlad: My daily life is being affected because I feel the need to update my social media channels always, especially Snapchat – brunches with my friends or the family are always a good chance for a picture. If I don’t update them, I feel kinda guilty LOL.

How do you feel when you link your name to a brand?
Jordan: I love it, as long as it makes sense for both of us to work together, otherwise there’s no point

Vlad: Well, I’m always testing products before promoting them because my followers are my friends – and I’m not gonna recommend something bad to any of my friends. When I link my name to a brand I feel true to myself because I know I like them and they are worthy.

What do you think are the most common misconceptions about Generation Z?

Joran: That because we don’t work in an office 40 hours a week for a paycheck doesn’t mean we’re not working. We’re always looking for the next opportunity, regardless of money.

Vlad: There are a ton of misconceptions — Being an influencer is not a traditional job and most of the people think it’s easy or it’s not worthy.

Are influencers affecting the way you relate to brands?
Jordan: I feel more comfortable and trusting in brands that engage with their community, including influencers.

Vlad: Definitely yes!

If you are interested in learning more about Gen Z and Influencer Marketing, you can find our presentation for the YMS here.

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