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Today we introduce you to Fabrizia Di PalmaFabrizia is an Account Manager in the Rome team and one of her favourite things about Buzzoole is the dynamic, young and constantly evolving working environment. In her spare time, she creates content around beauty, travel & food for her blog and Instagram.

Buzzoole has ultimately allowed me to unite my passion for work and fun.

Fabrizia Di Palma, Account Manager

What’s your name and job title?

Hello, my name is Fabrizia Di Palma and I am an Account Manager in Buzzoole’s Rome office.

What’s your favourite thing about Buzzoole?

Buzzoole has given me the opportunity for huge personal and career growth. It affords me a working environment that is dynamic, young and constantly evolving in which I am able to take on new and increasing challenges. Ultimately it has allowed me to unite my passion for work and fun.

What would you say is the most valuable skill you have learned in your role/time at Buzzoole?

Buzzoole provides a rich and diverse environment that encourages learning and professional development. In my role I have been able to develop my problem solving skills and learn to adapt to many different circumstances and daily challenges. My journey at Buzzoole has helped me to grow both personally and professionally.

One is too little 🙂 It can sometimes be underestimated, but for me the most precious skill is time management. This is underpinned by the ability to plan, work autonomously and demonstrate strong organizational, project development and management skills.

If you had to describe Buzzoole in three words, what would they be?

I would describe Buzzoole in three words as: constructive, fascinating & exciting.




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