A Year with Buzzoole, an Award Winning Campaign for Ralph Lauren


In 2018, Ralph Lauren partnered with Buzzoole to rejuvenate their brand among millennial audiences. Across multiple campaigns, the goal was to use beautiful content and generate reach to bring Ralph Lauren to the forefront of the minds of a younger consumer audience. Using its technology – including AI-driven Influencer matching, live performance stats and audience analytics – Buzzoole helped create engagement and drove a positive impact on the brand’s positioning.

The project included various campaigns across brands such as Polo (celebrating the 50th anniversary of the brand), Pink Pony (creating awareness of their campaign against breast cancer), Polo Wimbledon and the Rock & Roll Bear Selfridges campaign. We created a video to highlight how it helped position Ralph Lauren for millennial audiences across multiple campaigns and to exemplify the impact of Influencer Marketing campaigns when benchmarked against traditional forms of online advertising. 

The results of this year long campaign series were amazing, securing over 53M total followers through 311 influencers, who produced a total of 614 posts. This created an engagement rate of 6.5% with over 3.3M engagements. The effect shown through Nielsen’s Brand Uplift study revealed that Ralph Lauren’s brand favourability and recommendation increased by 19.0%, while consumer intent to buy increased by 24.0%. These results demonstrate how the impact of Influencer Marketing goes beyond the so-called vanity metrics and influence consumers behaviours.

A Year With Ralph Lauren, has recently won the Glossy Europe Award for Best Influencer Campaign in Fashion. This is the first year for the European Glossy Awards, a long established award in the U.S. recognising the companies transforming the fashion and beauty industries. The winners were selected by a panel of industry-leading judges. 

The following statement was released by Glossy, the magazine owned by Digiday Media: 

“Legacy brand Ralph Lauren enlisted influencer marketing platform Buzzoole to attract millennial shoppers across markets in 2018. The pair rolled out a number of campaigns, all vastly different in nature and scale, each with a younger cohort in mind. Throughout the year of the partnership, the pair worked in step with iconic events like Ralph Lauren Polo, and Wimbledon among others.”

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