#BuzzCustomer: Interview with Davide Basile from Original Marines

Word of mouth is the oldest form of commercial communication. Nevertheless, with the development of new technologies it has also become even more relevant and powerful. In Buzzoole, we are convinced that buzz marketing is a key point of our customers’ web strategy and it affects in different ways on creating brand awareness, its loyalty and sales performance. This is why we have surveyed our best clients to explain in their own words, how through using Buzzoole, WOM marketing (word of mouth) can help any brand to reach its business goals. Here is the testimony of one of our recent customers, Davide Basile, Retail & Digital Marketing Specialist in Original Marines: Italian brand which creates and produces garments and accessories thinking about children and their families.

Hello Davide! First of all, thank you for joining our series of interviews dedicated to Buzzoole clients! Actually, we chose to start #BuzzCustomer  initiative especially with you, as you are not only Retail & Digital Marketing Specialist @ Original Marines, but also you are a real influencer. The fact that you decided to trust us makes Buzzoole even more proud :D Let’s start our interview with a typical question: what was the reason that you decided to run a campaign with Buzzoole?

I could no longer resist the pressure from Fabrizio (note: CEO at Buzzoole) haha joke! We were testing, what someone called influencer marketing“, and we decided to do the first experiment with a platform that could make it happen in theOriginal ” way! Buzzoole’s approach seemed to meet our expectations at its best.

What were the goals of the Original Marines campaign? Do think that you have achieved them with Buzzoole?

We had few campaigns directed to foreign countries where we wanted to push more our e-commerce channel (which is not active in Italy). The goal was to increase the awareness of our brand in those markets by using influencers to build up the trust among new consumers. Buzzoole has certainly helped to convey there the image of an Italian brand with over 30 years of history and success that stands behind Original Marines.

Question to the expert: in the launch of the e-commerce project, in which way content marketing activities might improve the strategy? Do you think that they have a direct effect on generating brand’s revenue?

I think so. Today is not enough to just push media adv in order of getting better results. It is necessary to put your actions in the effective storytelling. And the effective storytelling without content marketing is like a cope of ice-creams without a whipped cream on the top. We are living in the era where the product is leveling the price. The real difference in the customers’ minds makes the content that you create about your product, speaking more generally, the commercial proposition.

To generate brand awerness, do you think that branded content activities are more effective than traditional forms of display ads?

I don’t think that branded content activities are more effective than adv. I’m not a supporter of adv or no adv approach. I think the right approach is to find a correct mix between media and the content.

In your opinion, branded content activities should be considered as a substitutes of the traditional forms of adv display?

I repeat: I don’t think they are substitutes but, surely, the technology and the correct measurement of these activities will help to integrate branded content in the media mix plan.

Would you recommend Buzzoole to agencies and other brands, and why?

Yes, of course. Buzzoole is a valuable and effective tool that turns into reality everything I have just told you about.

Davide Basile
Davide Basile

Download the Original Marines case study here and find out more details about the campaign and its results.

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