#BuzzInfluencer: interview with Jason Bean

We continue Buzzoole’s series of interviews dedicated to our amazing users!
Every Wednesday, we present a new interview where our #BuzzInfluencer shares its secrets about being a successful blogger. This week it is the turn of Jason Bean, tech and innovation blogger, author of the blog “Bnpositive”.

Would you recommend Buzzoole to other bloggers and why?

I wasn’t too sure of what to expect with the Buzzoole program when I initially heard about it. Since it was an international program, I wasn’t sure how many campaigns would be a good fit for me and my mostly American audience. However, things have worked well thus far and I’ve already taken advantage of some of the rewards already. If bloggers are looking for a good campaign program to participate in, especially if they have a more international audience, Buzzoole would be great for them!

Jason Bean’s influence

What has been the greatest challenge you have faced in managing your blog?

Lately it’s just been the time itself to invest in improving and writing content for my blog(s).
I’ve been very busy with other client work, so maintaining some of my own personal projects has been a real challenge. Guess it’s the classic cobbler’s kids with no shoes story.

What or who has inspired you the most in the area of Tech and why?

I’m not sure if I can narrow it down to one person or thing that’s inspired me most. I guess you could say my inspiration has been more organic growth over a number of years. I continue to stumble across and meet more people online through their social channels and reading various articles about them. There’s so much great stuff happening from a variety of sources, I think that’s the real power of it all. The Internet gives everyone the opportunity to create, develop and promote their voice. Building your audience may be important to you, but sometimes there’s only an audience of a few that matter.

Jason Bean

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