#buzzmypets: a four-legged April Fools

The first day of April is supposed to be a funny day. Well, everyone knows that not all the jokes are funny, and there are some pranks which really miss the target.

Here at Buzzoole we tried to make up something which would turn nice to anyone, even to four-legged friends, and we’re glad to say that… we made it!

We found ou that one in ten pets has a social media profile and more than a half of pet owners post about them on social networks (source). Not much to add, our puppies rule the social media world. We then thought: these “guys” are really the new influencers!

So on 31 March we announced to have developed an algorithm which would measure the online social influence of cats and dogs through their voice analysis. We claimed we were looking for 10 BETA PETS (beta testers) to verify the effectiveness of our new technology, and we asked for some help. We asked people to nominate their lovely puppies as beta pets by posting their pictures on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #buzzmypets. 

What happened?

We reached more than 1 million users all over the world! We received pictures, mentions, and comments from Italy, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, India and other parts of the world. Our hashtag #buzzmypets was all day Twitter Trending Topic, and it got more than 3K impressions in the day.

Schermata 2016-04-01 alle 18.16.26

We only revealed the truth in the afternoon, and … we got someone who claimed they had really taken it seriously…



To be honest we found out our candidates to be so graceful and irresistible than we realized we couldn’t keep all those precious pictures for ourselves. We then create a gallery to share all that buzzy beauty with the rest of the world.

We realized there’s a reason behind the fact that cats and dogs are at the top of social media ladder; they really deserve to be social media rockstars!


Regarding to their owners, well, Buzzoole will keep working on its algorithm to help them improve THEIR social presence and influence.

"I got fooled by Buzzoole's April Fools. Luckily Niki hasn't"
“I got fooled by Buzzoole’s April Fools. Luckily Niki hasn’t”


Claudia is Content Strategist at Buzzoole. Branding and advertising passionate, she's part of the Marketing team IT&UK. Get in touch with her at @ClaudiaSpaziano.

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