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Are you a Brand who wants to connect with the experts and social media influencers to drive powerful earned media to its strategy? You’ve come to the right place! We are proud to present you refreshed ‘Buzzoole for Brands’ homepage! We’ve made it even better and more effective! Check what, the coolest Influencer Marketing Platform on the web, can offer you!

In a few really easy steps you can create your own Digital PR campaign (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs). Our self-service platform SaaS will guide you through every step of this creating process. So how does it work?

First, sign in your company on brands.buzzoole.com. Next, our platform allows you to set your budget, choose influencer type, specify the channels where you want to plan your campaign.
We will ask you to fill up your campaign data, write short brief and add keywords that will describe your company at its best. One of the greatest things is that you will know in advance which will be the expected performance for your brand, including how many digital users will join your campaign or the preview of your campaign ROI. We will pick the most suitable influencers for you who will promote your brand on their blogs and social media channels. You can monitor the results of your campaign and see in the real time how your money is invested. Don’t forget that you pay as you go with a cost per publication! Easy and effective, right?

If you are still hesitating to set your campaign straight away, check which business and social media strategy goals you can reach with Buzzoole:

Generate Awareness-> introduce your brand and your products/services to a new audience.
Create Engagement-> drive conversation about your brand and products, and involve new target users.
Trust-> generate positive recommendations endorsed by trusted users.
Visual Storytelling-> raise the awareness of your brand by asking users to take pictures featuring your products.
Reviews and Rewards-> send exclusive gifts, event invitations or products to get reviews or recommendations.
Boost your hashtag -> sustain your live tweeting campaign or boost your hashtag on Instagram.
Earned Media Value -> expand your social media exposure by growing the organic reach of your content.
SEO Authority -> get linked by trusted domains to help your positioning to grow up!

Why Influencer Marketing?
Why Influencer Marketing?

Don’t wait any longer! Elevate your brand to the new level RIGHT NOW!
This is just the beginning! We are going to add new amazing features really soon!
So stay updated!


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Marta is a Social Media Manager at Buzzoole s.r.l. where she is a company's voice on social and digital media channels. Get in touch with her at @Marta_Marcello

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