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Two years ago, Limited Run, posted (in a post that seems to be down now, but covered by TechCrunch here) that they believed 80% of the traffic Facebook sent from pay per click ads were bots.

Veritasium also called out Facebook for fraud with getting Page likes. However, I’d been told that other startups have had success with Facebook’s CPC (“Like” farms should have less reason to fraudulently click those links after all) so Phil Anderson (Founder di BudgetSimple) decided to run its own test recently to send traffic to BudgetSimple. (this is the post where the test is). To cut a long story short, Anderson experimented that spending $50 in Facebook Ads, Facebook reported Facebook claimed 92 clicks, while Google Analytics reported just 61 clicks.These infos are just a little introduction for the theme we want to analyze here:the difference between Pay Per Post and Pay Per Click. It could be useful, in terms of visibility for your brand, to run a Pay Per Post and a Pay Per Click campaign together; but what is important to underline in this post is the difference between the two strategic choices. Let’s see in details the characteristics of a post.


First of all, a post has organic contents, and it’s also an entity that remains during the time (it’s searchable on the web also time after the date in which the post is written). Secondly, a post has a sort of “trustability”(behind a post there is a physical person, and generally we tend to give more credibility to a person we know a bit, even if virtually); also, the person who writes the post has an authorship” (an author who writes posts has a recognized authorship in his field).


Another characteristic of a post is the visualization and the rank of interactions that a post is able to create: a successful post can generate a viral content, that can generate engagement and verified results: if the post is commented and shared on different channels, generating conversations, it’s sure that the content is good and has generated interest among the readers that shared and commented the post.

What do you think about it? Have you ever had successful/unsuccessful stories of a campaign Pay Per Click or Pay Per Post? In the next blog post we will analyze more in deep the characteristics of a post and the importance of its impact and, thank to an infographic, we will compare the differences between Pay Per Click e Pay Per Post.

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