Buzzoole: 2016 in review and new trends for 2017 [Infographic]

Buzzone infographic cover

2016 has been an intensive year for Buzzoole, and 2017 is set to be even more so. The number of people joining the platform is constantly increasing and we have experienced excellent engagement from our users. Enthusiasm is the mark of an online Influencer and this had been evident across all our campaigns with the wealth of talent and imagination used to create engaging content for our brands.

2016 Facts & Figures in an Infographic

Buzzone infographic cover

In 2016, about 80,000 content pieces have been created with nearly 2 million interactions from network users (including likes, comments, shares, retweets and favourites) which means a potential reach of nearly 520 million people. From day one our aim has been enabling marketers to tell their story to as many people as possible, and so this is an excellent result. In the future we aim to increase this potential reach even further.

Viral DNA Content

Of this content, 23% of what was produced went viral, which means that for every 100 content pieces posted by Influencers involved in campaigns, 23 were made spontaneously by the Influencer or their followers. This reveals how involved our Influencers feel in Buzzoole campaigns and the enthusiasm and imagination that is put into their content, which goes far beyond what is required in the brief. This is the mark of a true Influencer, and these are who Buzzoole is constantly working to attract to the platform.

Best Performing Campaigns and Social Media Channels

On a more technical note, both self-service and tailor-made campaigns more than doubled last year. The most requested campaigns have been those that revolve around the topic of Lifestyle (27.6%). The most popular channel in campaign planning has been Blogs (30.5%), followed by Facebook (22.7%), Twitter (22.3%), and Instagram (16.8%). However, the best engagement – so largest number of interactions – was recorded on Instagram, showing that it is this visual medium – focused on producing an emotional response – that has most ground for commercialisation in 2017. As for topics, the best engagement has been on Leisure, Media and Society, followed by Business, Technology, Fashion, Sports, and Politics.

Our ever-growing team has been working tirelessly to produce such great results, and we look forward to doing even better in 2017. Stay tuned.

Buzzole: 2016 fact and figures infographic

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