Add a price tag to your Tweets; cha-ching!

Ever wondered how much you were worth? While I’m sure you yourself are priceless, everyone’s Twitter account can now be measured in monetary terms. There are apps all over the web calculating your twitter worth. Giving people and their tweets an actual money amount and showing how the blogging world is becoming more than just a popular pass-time.

This is a fairly new movement and apps such as Twalue , TweetValue and Twitter-Value help users define their value. This can add credibility to one’s online profile, personal site or blog.

Tweetcash is among the best of the apps. At the bottom of the page, various profile pictures along with the most recent Twitter values that have been calculated are displayed. The values can be sorted by month or by clicking on “always” will update as others calculate their value.

Tweetcash (1)

The most useful part about Tweetcash is after clicking on Calculate to find out your personal Tweet value you can share on various social media sites right from the landing page and ask friends to find out their own value. Once doing that everyone can compare with each other and see who blushes from the results and who’s rolling in the bling-bling from their tweet-tweets.

According to TIME Magazine’s article on Twitter value, Barack Obama‘s Twitter account is worth $5,160,650, but he’s a small-timer compared with 19-year-old pop star Justin Bieber, who’s account is worth $20,916,384 thanks to his nonstop tweeting and devoted following.

Here’s an example of how much one of Obama’s tweets are worth according to Tweetcash:

Tweetcash (2)

Does that explain why the 13-25 population doesn’t seem to make eye-contact anymore for fault of their smartphones? If you haven’t jumped on the Twitter band-wagon it’s not leaving anytime soon so jump on, get tweeting and find out your value today! The more you tweet the more value you’ll have, so keep checking back and spread the word! Happy Tweeting!

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