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More and more companies are now using Influencer Marketing as a strategic business incentive. To set realistic goals and formulate reliable forecasts of the results, having some benchmarks at hand has resulted to be essential.
These are often difficult to find, which is why we have decided to reveal the most interesting indicators Brands should keep in mind when planning effective actions. We came up with them after analysing a sample of 8000 Instagram and Facebook channels of Influencers outside the “celebrity” circle.

Engagement Rate by sector

Engagement Rate is the ratio between the total number of interactions received and the number of followers of the Creator. The result is an average value that measures the capacity of engagement.
Based on Creators’ Instagram accounts, the analysis shows that the industry with the highest Engagement Rate is Gaming. Here, the interactions and followers ratio is higher than 5%. With a score slightly under 4% we find Sport, Entertainment, Culture and Tourism. This result must be considered along with the index nature, which tends to reward those sectors in which Creators have smaller follower bases.

engagement beauty industry

Engagement on Reach by sector

You may find interesting results also by comparing the interactions with the reach, i.e., the unique people actually reached by posts. Thanks to the access to “first party data” – data derived directly from Influencers’ Instagram insights – it emerges that, on Instagram, the Creators of the Beauty sector (cosmetics, perfumes) are those performing best. Indeed, they get about 30% interactions compared to the people actually reached: this means that, out of 100 people seeing their posts, they get an average of 30 interactions. Creators of the close industry Fashion are just one step below, while slightly above 20% we find Travel Influencers and then those of lifestyle and environmental issues.

engagement reach beauty industry

These are just some of the benchmarks one should consider when planning an Influencer Marketing activity. It will be up to the company manager to understand which of them best conform to the specific campaign business objectives from time to time.

For a more in-depth guide on the most interesting Influencer Marketing metrics, we recommend you to download the free “Micro Influencer Performance Benchmark” white paper.

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